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My Boyfriend's Spirit


I lost my boyfriend on July 29, 2007 in a tragic car accident. He died instantly while I was at a bbq waiting for him to come back. He came to three hours after his death. I felt something tugging my shirt, then my leg. I looked up and there he was standing before me smiling.

He had energy floating around him and he almost cut in and out as I guess he was still trying to figure out how to use his energy. He came over to me, bent down and hugged my lap in bed, then got up, waved and floated out of the room. He comes around still and I feel energy vibrating down my legs, where he is touching me (primarily my arm, shoulder and brushing my face) and I can hear him when I talk to him. When he is around, anything electrical or with batteries don't work at all or barely. I am just wondering if anyone has lost a spouse and if they still come around them. Is this normal? I love that he comes around - it is a comfort.

I also feel a different presence around me. It is not like my boyfriend's where I tingle where he touches me, but this presence feels like it is behind me at all times and I don't feel invaded but I am not sure who is there. Does anyone know how to get in touch with your Spirit Guide, whom I am thinking this is. I feel him or her, as I don't know what they are yet, squeezing my hand a lot or my forearm. It feels like light pressure but definitely noticeable.

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CupcakesAtTwilight (10 posts)
11 years ago (2009-03-17)
Danni, you are very lucky to have your boyfriend come back and visit you. Wouldn't it be awful to never see him again?
I, too, had experiences like that but they abruptly stopped about a year ago.
I hope you can continue to see him.
ezz (guest)
12 years ago (2008-02-26)
I know how you feel because even I lost my fiance recently. Believe me or not he will always there. Days from the time of his death, I even felt that someone is still kissing me through my forehead. My fiance used to kissed me at my forehead. While in the middle of the night I smelled a fragrance of flowers.

The recent experienced I had is when my sister rushed me to the hospital. At first she doesn't want to call my folks until I was okay. But for some reason my parents was awaken by the phone rings that no one answer, continous door bell that no one was there. The wierdest part is, these happened when the same time I was brought to hospital. When my sister called my folks, they already have a hint it was me that was in trouble.

For some reason talk to your boyfriend that your okay. Pray for him and assured him that things will be okay.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
13 years ago (2007-11-09)
To Janine:
You could be right your deceased boyfriend could be there scuttling your efforts to replace him and no one knows this can happen better than I and this is why I have posted a story on
I am trying to write about my experiences and tell the good and the bad of what I have learned in my more than 21 years of Spirit Channelling, because my problem spirit appeared to me soon after his death in l985 and well you will see in the story that he is still here and I am not pleased that he has not been launched, but he stated again yesterday that he will be with me until the day I die and there is nothing I can do about it.
Well that could be true or it could be the Deliverance Minister who promises he is on the way will do something to save me from this spirit man who will not let me go.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
13 years ago (2007-11-09)
To Darcy:
For those who left things unsaid with those who passed away I normally suggest they write a letter telling the deceased everything they feel and that Spirit will be able to read it and perhaps it will help them in their new place in the after life.
Darcy (guest)
13 years ago (2007-10-02)
I need help! My friend passed away 1 month ago of an accidental overdose. I met him about 4 months ago and we had an instant connection to eachother. He called me a couple of times and asked me if I wanted to do something with him sometime and I never got back to him. He was a lot younger than me and I didn't think it would be a good idea if I got involved because he was the type of guy that you could fall in love with instantly. His mom called me Sept 1st and told me that he died. I didn't get a chance to tell him how I felt about him and it is bothering me really bad I can't think of nothing else. What is the best way now that I can tell him and know that he hears me. If anyone can tell me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You
Psyichckim (3 stories) (46 posts)
13 years ago (2007-09-18)
yes it is your spirt guide she has been with you all your life I am so sorry about your boyfriend how are you? If I can help feel free to e-mail me my adress is in my profile
Abby (99 posts)
13 years ago (2007-09-18)
Dear Danni,

Yes, at my age I have more people who have passed than I care to say. Seems I spend more time writing out sympathy cards than any other type of card (graduation, get well, engagement, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, birthday, etc., etc. And etc.). It is a sad state of affairs, but a true state of reality for not only myself, but for all of us.

Once loved ones cross over they often times come back to visit us, to look in on us and look out for us. Many times as our lives progress and things are going fairly well the visits will lessen, but they will still be there for us, especially if we but think, dream or speak of them. You are blessed to have had first hand contact with your loved one, and that you still have a close bond.

We all vibrate at different energy levels and what you feel is your loved ones energy vibration. Many times depending on the individual's spiritual level of awareness their ability to manifest in our 3D reality is aided by the use of electrical energy or our own human and spiritual energy vibrations.

You must understand that our own spirit body vibrates and it changes with our inner states, as well as our physical state, especially with our physical and emotional health. The more in tune you become to your body and your inner self, the more you will feel these vibrations, as well as nature and the earth's vibrations.

In regards to a spirit guide, I suggest you look the subject up on the net, at your local library, local bookstore and some local groups who have knowledge about this subject. Going into a meditative trance or hypnotic state may help you find your true guide or guides and their name or names. I am one who prefers "hands on", then to have someone tell me the name of my guide or guides. One should be open, but an open skeptic with common sense. In the end, it will be up to you to decide what you choose to perceive and believe in for yourself. --Abby
Janine (guest)
13 years ago (2007-09-18)

I know what it is like to lose someone. My fiance past away 8 years ago in a motorcycle accident and yes he contacts me in my dreams about once a month. It feels so real as if we are actually together. He normally doesn't say anything he is usually just sitting or standing there with either a happy or sad look on his face. Lately I have been convinced that he has not crossed over. You see... Ever since the day he died there has been only one guy that I was able to date and that guy was a lot like him. Any other guys seem to get weirded out and leave me after a few dates. They tell me they don't know why they can't be with me they just cant. Some even say they have to leave my house because they don't feel good. In the beginning I thought they were just jerks but now... 8 years later I am convinced my fiance is to blame. I feel he does not want me with anyone!


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