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My Psychic Experiences Over A Lifetime


My first experience was with healing when I was about 6 years old.

(about 1940) I had a big wart on my right knee which was giving me some grief. One day my father said to me that it was going to be full moon and that we will that evening, blow it to the moon. When the moon was up we did just that. I had to blow it slowly, 3 times. The next morning it was almost gone, and the day after not a sign of it.

During 1949 one of our local magazines had a competition with a 1949

Ford as a prize. You had to calculate the distance traveled from point A to point B.I worked it out to be approximately 1055 miles, but during the night I dreamed that the distance was 1086. 6 miles

When the result was announced it was 1086.6. One day during 1956/7 my father was working on his car in the garage. He had the front jacked up with both wheels off. I was in my bedroom combing my hair, when in the mirror, like a TV screen I saw my dad working. All of a sudden the car jumped off the jacks, and the bumper pinned both of his hands on a wooden crate. I immediately ran to the garage and on my way I could hear him shouting for me. On my arrival everything happened exactly as I saw in the mirror.

During 1958/9 three fellow workers and myself were driving in Pretoria when I had the feeling that an accident was about to happen

At a certain spot. I asked my friends to watch this corner, and a few seconds later a car and a truck had a pileup.

On 16 April 1960 I did the best thing ever and got married to my wonderful wife Babs. We went to the Drakensberg mountains for our honeymoon. One night I woke and found myself out of body. I was standing next to the bed looking down on us sleeping peacefully.

After a while, for some reason I was getting frightened and was pulled back into my body.

In 1959 I befriended two gentlemen who like myself were looking for

The Truth. We tried various religions and eventually joined a few serious Spiritualists. We had weekly circles (seances) for ten years

With unbelievable experiences. This I will report on separately.

May 1961 was an absolute milestone. Our group was blessed and obtained a private sitting with the then world famous materialization medium Alec Harris. Once you have had this experience there is absolutely NO DOUBT in your mind that life after death is very real.

Alec Harris was small in stature-about 5 feet 6 inches tall. He sat himself on a chair in the corner of the room (which had red lighting)

Went into a trance and the ectoplasm came out of his mouth in a stream

About 2 inches thick. Then people started forming out of the ectoplasm which was whirling in a cloud. We touched them, they were neither warm nor cold to the touch. There materialized small children who played around in the room, a giant Red Indian with full headdress and half a torso was floating in the air. One man came up to me and my brother-in-law Jerry (also a medium) and showed us the blue healing lights in his hands. He pulled ectoplasm from Jerry's navel until there was a heap on the floor. Most of the materialized had family or friends in our group, and they were called forward to talk to them. I was also called by a young lady who put her arms around me and said: "You have held me like this many a time" I did not recognize her but am sure we were together in a previous life.

I must mention that they are only able to remain materialized for a short time, after wich the power wanes and they become smaller and smaller and eventually fade into the floor.

We were married about 2 years when my wife and I had a sitting with

A clairvoyant a Ms Slingsby She told us that we will have two children

But only late in life. Sure enough, after sixteen years of marriage we

Had a boy and two years later a girl.

It was about 1968 that the ladies in the office started playing with a glass trying to contact the Spirit World. They were pestering me for a long time to join them, and one day I relented for "this time only"We started and there was plenty of action. Out of the blue one lady asked;"how long will Mr Mulder still be in Pretoria?" The

Spirit replied:" three months" Then:"where is he going to?" Answer:

"Johannesburg" Next question:"Who will take his place?" Answer:

"Robertson" At this stage I had been stationed in Pretoria for nine

Years,and I was sure it was a Spirit hoax.

I will complete my story very shortly.

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Steph0000 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-05)
I have read all your stories posted on this site after you commented on my post...

Since my last post I have been trying to deal with the lost of my brother without much luck... I have gone 2 see 2 Physic/mediums trying to get answers, but I must admit I did not get exactly what I was looking for...

I can see that you have been involved with this type of thing for years now... Is there someone you can suggest I see in the Johannesburg area? I really need to go and see someone legit...

Please help if you can...

Thank you

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