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Inauguration Of A Rescue Circle


In order to give those who are interested an insight into Rescue work I am herewith giving you excerpts from the opening address of a Spirit guide when our first circle was held on 10 March 1959. It is quite lengthy and can not be completed in one piece. The medium was our tutor, Arie Loots and it was recorded by yours truly. Friends seen and unseen, known and unknown. It is tonight with hearts filled with gratitude and a deep feeling of thankfulness to the All High that we are here with you. It has been for many years our keen desire to bring together a band of people who have compassion on those who live in the darkness.

As you know in the last two decades you have had countless millions of people flung into darkness. You have had countless millions of people Killed, cast into the great unknown without them knowing where they are. Daily throughout life tragedies happen within your towns, your villages, your farms and your cities. Daily countless millions of people pass into the great beyond where they know not their way, where they stand alone, where they feel that they are lost. Where they sometimes could raise their voice and cry with Christ:"My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" And I can assure you that in no way and in no walk of life has the Master spoken a truer word than when he said that the workers are few and the harvest is great. We on our part ask from you absolute obedience. Compassion and holy devotion. That you shall see no evil, hear no evil and think no evil. Because just one evil thought is sufficient to erase and eradicate all that you have built up. You are taking on tonight the duty to destroy evil, and we shall ask you to assist us in reaching that point. You will find that wherever Christ went, wherever he taught or worked he cast out devils and his last command to his disciples was to cast out devils, to heal the sick, to minister unto the dead, to raise them.

Rescue work in reality is divided into several categories. We shall start with the most common, which is earthbound spirits. An earthbound spirit is a person or a being or an entity, who has through the ages or through the years or months been tied to a particular place or habitat, one set of thoughts or way of life and cannot realize or will not realize that they are on our side. An earthbound spirit is a person who will not leave his earthly surroundings and environment. There are many of them,who,for fear of what may happen in the great beyond, stay put and will not move Away from that place where they lived. They have been indoctrinated throughout the years of their church-going that they are going to meet a God of wrath and they in the simplicity of their thoughts, their ways of life, have transgressed against the laws they have formed themselves. They are afraid to meet their God because they have not made peace with Him. And those are the worst people. They are through anxiety and fear bound to that one place where they will appear to many and be seen by many.

Then there are the evil-doers.The murderer very often, the thief,the Man who caused wars and strife, they are afraid to go into the next life. With them one can reason. With those who are afraid because they knew the way but did not follow it, it is exceedingly difficult. Then we come to those who stay in their places because they have dear ones to look after. The mother who through that great love flowing through her stays with her bairn who was still yesterday at her breast. We find the father afraid of what may happen to those he left behind. Those you will find, those you will have to comfort.

And now we come to those who are kept here by the tears, the prayers And the heartsore of those with whom they lived on the earth plane. Strange as it may seem to you, for every tear you shed for those in the great beyond, is a link in the chain tying them down here. When it behoves the great Master to take a spirit friend onto the great unknown, it is for him to progress on that side and not to be kept here by wailing and sorrowing. We have had many cases in spirit life who have not progressed one tiny bit. They are kept here by those who loved them, those who desire that they should have stayed.

We now go to those who are still at the places where they lived, Because they know not that they have passed into the great beyond. You can imagine a man walking to his house. Suddenly a heart attack or a bullet strikes him and he passes out of his body in quicker time than you can wink your eye. He comes into his house and greets his loved ones, they do not even see him. Can you for one moment imagine the sorrow in that heart. The consternation that has been caused by the negligence or supposed negligence of those on your side of life. They are as a rule very easily convinced that they have passed over Because strange things that have happened to them are now as clear as daylight.

We have your suicide who comes back very often for vengeance,who Comes back out of remorse, who comes back to try to regain the lost life, the uncompleted life, in order to fix what can never be. We find those who come back through utter deep remorse, it is a Pleasure very often to work with them. Then those who come back to take vengeance. God has mercy on you while you deal with some of them. We know, we have experienced it for more than a century.

Now we have given you an insight into rescue work as far as earth-bound spirits are concerned. We shall go on and you will find that you have waifs and strays of life. Those who have passed over will be seen here today and in a different environment tomorrow. Also those who are suffering from a loss of memory. You can understand what it is. You are in Pretoria tonight but wake up in London tomorrow. You go to bed tonight, tomorrow you are in spirit life, in summerland. Think for one moment how bewildered you would be, and that makes them run hither and thither, trying to find help, where they can find succour.

Now we come to those who have passed over with perverted or wrong ideas. Very often one finds a man in spirit life who had one arm in this life and he thinks he must go through great eternity with one arm. It will be your duty to create a new arm for him which is not difficult to do. Then we come to those who were mentally deficient in this life of yours. There you shall need prayer. There you need absolute help from the Great White Spirit whom you call God. You will have to deal with those who passed into spirit life against their wishes. I must warn you solemnly against those who passed over Through an act of jealousy. There too, to a large extent you have to do with a mind that is not functioning correctly.

We come to healing.Remember,each and every healing you do is rescue. Rescue is the highest form of service. It is the highest offering you can bring unto God. It is that which the Master meant:"Greater love hath no man than he who lays down his life for his friends".It is a life of dedication. A life of giving. A life of self sacrifice. A life of denial and abnegation. A life that you lead is a constant Offering to the Great White Being whom you call God. It is a life my friend where you will be given the power to release a man from hell to heaven. It is the power that the Pope is supposed to have. And that power that you must use, that power that has been given to you, is the power called LOVE. There is no other name, no other power, no other strength that you can use in your life in order to do the work you are willing to do. Only Love, pure Love, greater Love, holy Love, Love through and by and with Christ and God. You must understand when you do rescue work or healing that the ground on which you stand is holy ground. You must each and every time Understand that you are opening yourself wide for the power of God to flow through you. You must understand each and every time that you work for Him, you are an emissary of The Great White Spirit, you are an ambassador of the King of Love. You are the bearer of Light from the Love that is Light. Be at all times when you go out to heal worthy apostels, worthy desciples of the Great White Spirit.

I would enjoin you and ask each and everyone of you to take time off and read according to the Gospel of St John the little talk by Christ on the last night after they had their farewell and before He ascended unto heaven. And I pray of you tonight, make an effort to become apostels, Emissaries,to walk through the dark forests of real life with a torch in your hand, lit at he throne of the Great White Spirit called God. Be missionaries for love, but I want you to lead your normal lives as well. Study the life of the Master and you will find that He led a very normal life. He led a very normal life. We make you this promise that we shall gradually teach you how to work with each specified case. We ask you one thing, that is loyalty to your fellow workers. Where you should find fault with the deeds in the life of one of them, talk not to others, talk to him and solve the problem.

Let there not come disharmony. I warn you that the forces that bring disharmony are stronger than you can ever realise. I wish to quote one man:"Seek each others weak points and cover it with your love and the understanding of God" That is all.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-06)
I admire your love, and faith in Jesus, God. But this site also welcomes sceptics, to express their opinion, so here goes. Firstly, two stories: 1) A christian lady who lived in Holland, visited a spiritualist church, like yours, where they do seances to talk with the dead. Inside, there was a 20 metre long heavy oak table... She walked inside, and shouted: "What you are doing is EVIL!" Everyone laughed... But then, that table lifted one metre up into the air, without anybody touching it! 2) A priest in Greece, walked into a seance, in civilian clothes, and asked the medium to channel the spirit of a famous dead preacher, Dennis F. Who was his friend. When the spirit appeared, he said: "You're not Dennis F.! You're a demon!" The spirit started explaining that it really was him, but the priest kept insisting that it was a demon. After a while, the spirit got angry, and threw the table and chairs to the floor... Then the priest said: "I was right! Because Dennis F. Was a very gentle man, and NEVER got angry!" So, you can draw your own conclusions, what kind of spirits are being channeled by mediums in seances LOL! My friend, you say that you believe in Jesus, and pray to Him before a seance. But the bitter truth is, Jesus believed in the Old Testament. And in that book, God FORBIDS us to channel and comunicate with spirits, and the dead! (except only through prayer.) Also to do spells and witchcraft, and tell the future. All these are OCCULT SPIRITUAL PRACTICES, which Jesus forbids us to do, FOR OUR OWN GOOD! Jesus and the saints never did them! Are we more spiritually advanced than Jesus? LOL! Here are the passages in Old and New Testament, that warn against these dangerous practices: LEVITICUS 19:26-31, 20:27. DEUTERONOMY 18:10-14. II KINGS 1:1-4. EXODUS 22:18. ACTS 19:11-20. But you are free to do whatever you like, and bear the consequences... Whatever tickles your fancy! Good luck. God bless!
AnandaHya (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-26)
wow that is really bueatiful. 1954. Perhaps I was looking for the hope of the world in the wrong places, thank you for the story. I have to continue along the path I have chosen but perhaps I can meet friends along the way who will walk and teach me a little of their knowledge and where they ae headed and allow me to share my stories as well. Peace to all who come to this site because of the compassion for those who suffer is found in abundance in their hearts.
joyy (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-09)
Thank you for your wonderful post. This is really nice.:) May all beings be happy.:)


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