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My Psychic Experiences Over A Lifetime 3


Mr Coertze was very precise and told me that we will relocate twice

And then settle "in a place with many trees, at the foot of a mountain"

He was spoton. We first of all moved to the Kruger Park for 3 years, and then to Sabie which is surrounded by the biggest man made forest in the world, and our home is at the foot of Mauchsburg a part of the Drakensburg mountain range. This was in 1977 and we are still here.

He also predicted that I will do healing in Sabie and that I will have to start passing on my spiritual knowledge.

During 1987 I opened a herbal shop and although I closed it a year later, acquired enough knowledge to heal black Africans in the mill who were all suffering from "incurable" bodily sores.

Also at this time we went to a local church where an Evangelist by

The name of Deon Hocky was preaching and doing healing. A local policeman and his wife brought their 4 year old daughter who was born with a deformed hip which caused her right leg to be about one inch shorter than the other, causing a severe limp.

She was the last of the mornings "patients"and after he prayed for her everybody went to tea. I remained behind leaning on the bench on which she was lying. While I was looking at her, and fortunately I did not blink my eyes, her shorter leg shot out and became the same length

As the other. It happened in a fraction of a second. I shouted to the rest, she got up and ran to her mother without a limp! You can well imagine the joy and tears all round. This is the power of our Creator, The Great White Spirit of the Universe.

Part 4 will follow shortly.

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