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My Psychic Experiences Over A Lifetime 2


The ladies insisted that I went to see a clairvoyant by the name of

Ms vd Merwe. Arriving at her home I was offered tea after which

She read the leaves She bowled me over by first of all telling me that

There was something wrong with my car "at the feet" and that I must get rid of it. The car had only 15000 miles on the clock, but I had the clutch replaced four times!

She confirmed what the Spirit said, and 3 months later I was transferred to Johannesburg. My replacement was Clive Robinson. Not

Robertson,but near enough. (A week after my sitting with Ms vd Merwe,

I bought a new car!

I commuted by train from Pretoria to Johannesburg, but was not happy at all, and went to see another lady clairvoyant in Pretoria. She gave a reasonably good sitting but was unable to put a time or period to any of her predictions.However, she told me that I would change jobs and described the buildings in detail. This turned out to be a very big sawmill where I was employed for 15 years.

She also said that I was going to have a lot of sorrow and that

"six years" had something to do with it. She was right. We lost our son in 2006 in a road accident.

Still unhappy in Johannesburg I spoke to a Mr Coertze who was a clairvoyant known to me personally.

I will submit Part 3 shortly.

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