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Rules Of Circle Work


Shortly after we started our Rescue Circle in March 1959 we received a lecture by one of Uncle Aries guides on the rules of circle work. (More aimed at a development circle) Uncle Arie was the medium and the lecture was recorded by yours truly.

This is it:

We shall begin with this, that a circle is a desire in the hearts of people who wish to commune with those who have passed over to the other side. And in that circle these people do not only wish to commune

With those on the other side of life, but they also wish to have the manifestation, to realize and understand that the teachings of the great Master,Jesus,has not been a lot of nonsense.

I will talk to you now on the rules of circle work plain and simple. Where I step on some of your toes please forgive me, I do it in all love and with the sole object of giving you the best that we have found, to conduct your circles.

First of all, there must be amongst you people who sit in the same circle, one desire, one objective. There must be complete harmony. There must be a feeling of fellowship, a feeling of understanding, there must be that desire, that key desire to reach things higher than our everyday life and to get where the philosophies are concerned, the highest that we can digest at the time that it was given to us.

The best way to prepare for a circle is that you should eat as little as possible before going to that circle. A hot bath, and a complete renewal of all attire worn during the day. A complete rest

Before going to that circle. There must be hardly any worries, financial or otherwise. And then I ask you, no intoxicating substances like tobacco or alcohol.

We have found since we are here, that you conduct yourselves in the correct way. Let there be quiet subdued talk. We have no objection to here and there a clean little joke. And then when one enters the seance room, one must realize and understand that you are now asking to commune with those who have gone before and whom we hold in so high esteem, that we ask them to come and commune with us.

Before you start your circle let us have some music,lively,mostly organ or choirs. Whilst you continue with your circle, let that music go on.Softly.

After you have darkened your room completely, go into silence for a little while. The person who was appointed prior to the commencement of the circle, should give his invocation as briefly and as fully as possible. Should that person be an instrument who allows his guide to give the invocation, it is desirable to give that guide full time,

Love, sympathy and full assistance in order to give the invocation as he thinks fit.

When that invocation has been given, it should usually be ended by

The Lords prayer. Then sit still for a little while and then the leader of the circle shall ask people to give, in clockwise rotation, the names of those sick, ailing or whatever the reason may be for which they wish spiritual help. We are conducting a development circle now.

When that is finished, a subject for concentration is given and each sitter in the circle should endeavor to make his mind a complete blank. That allows the spirit friends to take possession. That allows the psychic eye, or as the Tibetans call it, the third eye to function.

There must be absolute silence, because to us in spirit life your very thoughts cause rustlings, which will not be heard by you.

When you have been in that silence for quite a while bring your sitters to the understanding that the silence has ended by a very slow rubbing of the palms of the hands. Increase the volume of sound gradually and then again go clockwise and ask each sitter what has been communicated to them.

Never,never,never accept any phenomena as true phenomena before you have analyzed it completely. Give the person who at that time gave out what he or she has seen, heard or felt your full love and your full sympathy, so that person will feel at ease and give you all that is there at its very fullest. So you go from one to the other, but here I must inject this statement, should you during the course of the silence become aware of anything unusual, draw the leader of the circles attention to it immediately.

When all have communicated to the leader everything they have experienced, if any, then it is time to give the benediction and then slowly break up your circle.

But after commencing your circles silence carry it on for at least 15 minutes for the first month. Then gradually increase it, but never extend it to longer than 45 minutes.

When you have put on your lights, which should be first a candle, then your lights, remain seated for at least 5 more minutes to give all those who have been in contact with spirit friends, full opportunity to regain all their physical senses.

I do not wish to tire you, and I think that this is sufficient for tonight.

Note by Spookvanger:

Never try to start a circle without a leader who has experience in circle work. It can end in tragedy. Read my story: Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.

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spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-16)
Hi AnandaHya! Thank you for reading this post.
You will notice from my earlier posts that I was destined to share my life's experiences and knowledge gained. That's the reason why they have been published. Those who are meant to read them will do so, all others will pass them by. If they don't knock...
God bless.
AnandaHya (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-15)
thank you so much spook. This actually puts into earthly words some dreams I've been having. I'm suprised no one has commented on the story. I'll read the rest and email you my responses:) May the peace and love of the Lord keep and guide you and those within your loving glaze.

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