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I wanted to write a story on here today about being an empath, and how yesterday people came to visit my family and how I chose to stay out of their company because I spent the whole day reading and trying to help others with their spiritual or psychic experiences. I was exhausted and drained, and couldn't take the energy load of other people as well that day. I wanted to title the story: "Energy Can Be Lethal To An Empath".

Well today I was surfing yet again the web and read a story about a man that committed suicide, I was so drawn to the sadness wanting it to go away, and for the past two days I have been doing intense research about "lost souls" feeling as if though I had a responsibility towards the Light to help these sad souls to embrace the Light and be happy.

But my problem was that I didn't know how to open up a portal of Light to help them see the Light, I searched the web but it didn't help.

And as my compassion grew I saw a figure of this man that committed suicide, coming to sit right next to me on my bed on my right hand side. And the more I concentrated on the spirit the darker and more solid it appeared to be, and my Spirit Guide (Guardian Angel) grabbed my left arm with a burning touch to signify danger from this darkness I attracted to myself. And then I started to pray like never before "please if there is any God, Light or Angels out there, help me to send into the Light anything negative I attracted to myself!" and then my personal Guide said: "in order for this to work you need to believe in the Light" and so I earnestly begged and opened my heart for the Light to come to me, to come to whatever darkness that sat next me and I began to cry pleading for it to come even apologizing for my sins and that is when two Angels arrived, with tears running down my cheeks their large size and magnificent light illuminating my entire room made me feel comfortable and more relaxed; at last help has come, my prayers weren't in vain.

I breathed and saw the shadow figure that looked like a large man as it sat next to me started to shrink in size, soon like a speck, a dot of darkness he became as one of the Angels grabbed him by the arm, the small man (once big and terrifying) struggled in the arms of the Angel, that looked three times bigger than the man, his darkness quickly overshowed by the great Light coming from the Angels; and it was then I saw what looked like shackles on the man's wrists as they took, half dragged him away and one Angel said: "Don't worry it will be taken off once we have reached the other side, upon his arrival to the Light".

Before the Angels took him away standing with the man before me, one Angel asked: "Are there any further questions before we go?" I cried and said: "I am so sorry if I put any of my other Angelic Guides to shame due to my past behavior, my acts of darkness and my dark desires." When another Angel (remember there were three at present; my personal Guardian Angel and two others that arrived to come and take the lost soul to let's hope a better place) said to me: "Don't worry Baby Girl we all have darkness within us."

Before the two Angels came I saw this dark figure on its knees crying and sobbing on my Guardian's lap. When it saw that I saw it, it was like a furious dog, it showed anger wanting to bite me, yet it was totally subdued by my Guardian Angel, it couldn't go anywhere, it couldn't hurt me, it was totally tamed while seething with hidden anger.

Tonight after all this that I have seen and experienced, I believe that prayer works, and that it is the most effective way to Call The Light, to Bring it opening a portal for miracles to happen.

I remember as the one Angel said "aren't there any more questions before we go?" I was in fear that they would take my twin flame (who is my Guardian Angel) away as well, as if the Angel read my thoughts it said: "Don't worry you two are staying together, for God has much work for the two of you to do on this plane together". My Husband (twin flame/Guardian Angel) grabbed this Angel's arm and brought its hand to my face, under my nose as to say: "What you've been looking for was right under your nose the whole time, breathe and accept it, all the answers you seek you already contain within".

I can say that when the Light came I survived a test of Faith and my Faith was renewed once more, there is always Hope if you just believe in the glory of God.

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shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-24)
I believe he is probably a white american that has stereotipical beliefs and think that phrase has to do something with blowing stuff up like "kamikaze" I know a lot of people that would actually think that. It is quite saddening.
Mubashir (285 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-24)
I agree with shapeshifter. Its Allahu-Akbar not Allahu Akhbar. Well I am not saying that I have any problem with your current name but its kind of unappropriate for a muslim, hope I am not offending you on it. I also read one of your post in which you mentioned devil as great, that's one thing a muslim should never ever say. If you are not a muslim, that another case.
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-24)
YES! If God is willing anything is possible to happen. Of course I do not need to explain what Allah hu akbar means. Of course so there is no reason to say the english meaning "if god is willing" because you seem like a educated and enlightened person who does not think stereotipical thoughts and try to troll about things you don't know the meaning of. Because that would be a failure at trolling on your part. 😊 😊 😊

P.S. It is hu akbar, not huakbar. Just want to say that so no one thinks you are an idiot for the next time you say it.: D

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