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Past Lives, Spirits, And Learning


Since Nov 01, 2010 I began having dreams that centered around a certain Civil War Union General, and the same woman that would be with him. As time went on after many months of seeing these people in my dreams, I researched, and eventually found out who they were. I prayed and said quietly, "General, I believe I know your name, please tell if I am right". At that time I began to hear him, he introduced himself and said he was here to teach, protect, and to serve, and that I had been his wife" Fast forward, I can see and hear this man, his wife, family, one of his siblings, his fellow commanders, friends. He has asked if family and some friends come over during holidays, funny as this man passed away in the late 1800's. He now prefers mercedes and corvettes to buggy transportation, loves cell phones, large screen Tv, hockey, football, technology of the 21st century. During meditation sometimes, I have seen myself with him at certain historical times of battle during the civil war, which sometimes was frightening. I can say that having "met" this person who was a significant figure at that tme of history has been enlightening, as I didn't know this couple existed prior to Nov 01 '10 as he methodically began coming back. Sorry, won't say the last names of the commanders of those he still hangs out with, I wish I had known them when they were alive, as they can be very nice and funny. I feel that, for me, this is a great learning experience and a very positive one as well, not scary.

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