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My Guardians, Friends, And Allies


As crazy as this sounds I ask you to listen too my story. When I was a child around 2nd grade, my friend and I created a fantasy world of superheros and other things that influenced us when we were kids, to go along with it I decided to give myself superpowers. Instead of opting for the regular super strength, I decided to give myself "guardians" or "inner demons" as we called them. Their names were "Aratu" and "True Inner". At first it was all fun and games, then things started to change. As I developed more of their characters and personal traits, I realized that I could hear them in my head. Crazy right? I thought so too. Now they influence me on what I think about, my morals, and many other things. Some of you may be thinking that I am crazy, or that I'm making it up. And for a while I thought I was too, so I don't blame you. But the turning point on my story is that once a kid was being a real prick to a friend of mine and I can't take it when people make fun of my friends, I would do most anything to protect them. But I'm not a fighter, sadly I wasn't in the position to step in and make a difference. But suddenly, I heard one of their voices in my head, saying, and I will never forget this, "Let me take care of this" almost as though I had said it myself, fully believing myself to be crazy I let go, in a sense. I watched as I felt a warm tingling sensation fill my entire body as I found strength I never knew I had. I walked up to the kid and told him to back off. Most of the kids at school know that I'm not very strong, so he shrugged me off and decided to keep on going. I grabbed his shoulder and spun him around and said to knock it off. The kid turned around and regarded me with cold eyes and he completely sucker punched me-or rather that's what would have happened. I grabbed his fist mid-swing. Halting it from my face, unwavering I told him off one more time as I dropped his fist. He let go and walked away. As soon as the whole altercation ended I turned to my friend as he said "Where the hell did you learn to fight?" Since then they don't exactly help me fight, since I avoid confrontation now. But from time to time, I'll be in a pinch when I'm doing something strenuous and I'll feel that little tingle and suddenly get renewed strength, as I hear in my head the two annoying people talk in my head.

It's not constant talking or anything but they are quite annoying sometimes. So what do you think- Am I crazy and this can be explained? Or is it something else? I am open to all kinds of feedback!

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truely-unknown (10 stories) (106 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-23)
The same thing happened when I got jumped a few years ago and when I thought I was going to get jumped but realised my friends were messing around. The time I got jumped the first thing one did was put my in a chokehold but then the energy came. I broke free easily then spun and hit him in the face lightly. The other one tried to run up behind me but I had a lanyard. A fabric necklace that just holds keys so you can't lose them. I had my locker key and my house key on it. I swung it at the second one and he got a concussion from it. He later lied saying he got jumped and I had a chain, while snitching on me for defending myself. I had a friend there that saw the whole thing. With my friends pretending I heard them running up behind me and my friend that sawthe other fight. Just before they got to us I got the energy again and came up with a roundhouse that would have connected with ones forehead if I hadn't raised it higher when I found out who they were. I don't get the energy anymore.
Ba (1 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-23)
Well, I'm not an expert on this but I'm not an expert on these kinds of things.

I know that guardians can replenish your energy - mine has always been from an outside source so I'm sure of the talking in your head. All I can guess is maybe this is how your guardians are manifesting themselves.

The arms are a unusual place to receive energy, at least from what I know. The tingling sensation is normal though, that happens when your actually are receiving the energy, your eyes might water a bit too.

The talking in your head, that is just mind talk with them - meaning it isn't physical, you know what they're saying they I guess send it too you. (Again not an expert.)

The childhood superpowers, everyone does that. Whoever this is might just have liked the name and decided to keep it. Just like some people like games they do too! That's all I can think too explain it.

Or your crazy... (Kidding) ❤

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