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Clairvoyance To The Rescue


Not too long ago I experienced something new! It may be clairvoyance that I experienced, but I am not sure.

I'm in college and living in dorms. So I am particularly happy coming back home for a visit. I pack some of my clothes and important things I will be needing for the weekend. I pack these things in my black tote bag. One of those important things was my phone charger.

Noon I come home and unpack everything and I left it at that. Then in the evening I notice I needed to charge my phone. I went to my room to find the charger but I couldn't find it anywhere. I looked everywhere for it- in the closet, under the bed in case it fell, etc. I still couldn't find it. I always keep my charger in my room but somehow I couldn't find it anywhere for almost an hour which I became frantic about! By now I'm panicking and going insane, trying to find this charger!

I stop myself from panicking and calm myself down. I decide to stand in the center of my room and closed my eyes hard. I see pitch black. I keep repeating to myself nonstop, 'Where's my charger? Where's my charger?' trying to remember where I put it. Within about a minute or two I see a flash of image.

This image was in the center or middle of my mind. This image was small compared to let's say dreams. When you dream you usually get a full screen vision kind of thing. But for this image it was a tiny version of the screen slapped onto the center of my brain. The image is in color and blurry around the edges. It took place in the bathroom. This is strange because I was standing by the entrance with the bathroom door wide open like I was actually there. What was in focus was my black bag sitting on an opened drawer! And that is how I saw the image.

The moment I see this, I just knew my phone charger was there! I open my eyes and ran to the bathroom, opened that one drawer (black bag wasn't there) lo and behold, my phone charger!

It's probably something I shouldn't be excited about but this experience just made me so happy and come to realize that I just need to stay in tune with the little helping clues that come to me.

About this, can anyone confirm that it was clairvoyance that I experienced? If it is clairvoyance, does it help people like it helped me? Or maybe it's something else?

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-05)
Its a gift called calling. It draws to you psychicly or physically what you call for. When you called out for your phone charger your gift answered and tapped into your untapped gift of clairvoyance. Have you had any other weird experiances like this?
Vivre-libre (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-07)
This is clairvoyance, as the word literally means "clear-vision". Anytime you experience something beyond the physical senses, it's a form of Extrasensory Perception, i.e. Clairvoyance. Essentially, yes clairvoyance can help find many lost items (anything from phone chargers, to missing people) but this is usually referred to as remote viewing. The more you use your clairvoyance, the more detailed and "full-screen" the images will get, until they are so realistic, it is as clear as you reading this is. With time and practice, your abilities will strengthen. Bonne chance!

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