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Psychic Dream About Dad Having Problems At Work


First off, I'd like to say this is a dream that I once had, and I want to share it with you all since I believe that it is correlated to an event that happened in waking life. Since this problem that I'm going to describe is now solved, I thought I should share it. I'll warn you, though, some of the images in this dream are kind of disturbing.

In the dream, I was on my computer, just as normal. It was on a Thursday night. Suddenly, my dad barged into my room, with his face terribly deformed, gray and moldy. He came to me and asked me why. I then told him to wait a while in the living room so I could come up with a solution to the problem. So he did.

I came up with something, and the answer was that he was having problems at work. I went and told him about it and went back into my room, to play on my computer a little bit more.

A few minutes later, he returned and his face was back to normal. He started praising me and saying "Ohh thank you, thank you!"

Little did I know was at the time, the problems he was having each were related to his coworker. He was complaining about his coworker's attitude and work ethic.

He was collecting evidence for a legal case he was building against his coworker. Now he no longer has to deal with this problem. I didn't tell him about the dream, however.

Please feel free to comment about this. I also have some more stories that I may want to submit.

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