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I Was Different From Others


Ever since I was younger, I knew I was "different". I didn't know what was different, but I just felt that I was different from others. I asked my mom about how it was like in Sudan before she immigrated to America with my siblings and Dad. She told me she's been through so much. She even told me a couple things that I know I will never forget. So that leads me to say that I think I inherited some of psychic abilities from her side of the family, but she also said I look exactly like my grandmother. We even act a little similar. So I guess I got them from my father's side too.

The abilities I'm sure I posses are; I know when someone is coming towards me, but I just don't know who. I can sense ghosts by "feeling" if they're in the same room as me, sort of "smelling" them (I know that sounds weird), and that's about it. Then the abilities I'm not really sure of are;I think I can see auras. I randomly see blotches of color sometimes and then it sometimes looks like a white aura from my doorknob is seeping to the floor. I also almost faint I think. For example, I would be doing something, and then my vision would almost completely black out. Sometimes it might be a couple seconds or an instant.Also,when I dream, I know I'm sleeping. But when I want to wake up, I feel so distant from my body. I don't know if it's normal but I would try to move my arm, but I can't. It would take me a couple minutes just to wake up, I would either get myself killed or let whatever that's trying to attack me get me. At night, I also sometimes hear a voice whispering my name. I always thought it was my imagination because I've been told I have an over-active imagination. But now,I'm just not sure.

I'm still a little lost at all this and over-whelmed with everything. I'm also scared because I want to believe it but I don't want to face it because I don't know what to believe. I'm Christian so I'm trying to figure out how this will help me serve God. So far, nothing came up and that scares me a lot. It would be comforting to know if more people experience what I go through. And to the once that do,thanks. I don't feel so lonely thinking about you guys.

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tigg3rxox (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-01)
Wow.Thank you all!It's helps to actually understand everything now:) I appreciate the comfort and new knowledge of what I may posses.
nekrokefali (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-30)
The path to understanding is not so hard as long as you understand what's pathological and what's not.
You are describing symptoms of a neurological disorder called Narcolepsy and some of your descriptions are called Hypnagogia. Read about the Narcolepsy disorder and see if you can answer the pathological side of the issue.
There's more...
Much more that science can't explain. In fact I have spent my entire life trying to understand and to come to terms of it all. Meanwhile, personally I ruled out theology as means of explanation.

There's one thing that helped me become acclimated to those experiences without unnecessary fear: I stopped watching horror films and dwelling on the negative side of the experience, that they may be evils spirit etc.

In my quest, I also stopped believing in religions. My personal choice of course, but it helped me psychologically deal with these encounters.

In 1996 I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy (the pathological side of it). The EEG (electroencephalogram) technician gave me the first clue. He mentioned that the base frequency of my brain was 50% higher than the norm. Maybe I'm like a TV or a radio tuning into another channel. Hmmm... Maybe the neurological disorder opened the door and although the underlaying issue was pathological, the result was spiritual.
Think of how many cultures used substances to achieve a higher understanding. In my case was neurological.

Do a little research and learn about the disorder I mentioned.
In some cases of heavyset people the same symptoms can be found with Sleep Apnea. It wouldn't hurt to read about Sleep Apnea as well, and maybe do a sleep study test and blood test to see if you have Narcolepsy.

I may post more about the subject on this site...
I could write for days regarding this subject!

dreamergurl (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-30)
Don't be afraid of anything... Which I know is easier said than done. I felt the same exact way when I first found out I was psychic, and I'm also christian. To start off I'll give you some names for your gifts. The sensing people coming and ghosts is what we can classify as clairsentience. The root word clair means clear, and sentience is the ability to sense things most people can't such as auras. Going on that we know spirits are souls from a past life possesing an aura, this makes sense, and when you "feel" a person coming that's feeling their aura coming closer.
As for the blackouts and seeing auras, I can make an educated guess that you are also clairvoyant. Voyance or voyant means the ability to see. When you black out, or when you feel "apart from your body" you are probably trying to accept visions without really knowing it. This is really common, just be happy you recognised it 😊.
Hearing your name in the night leads me to think you could also possibly be a tad clairaudient, and audient means the ability to hear things.
If you do indeed possess all three clair-abilities, you are what we call a "pure" psychic, or a "true" psychic... It doesn't mean you're any different from other psychics, really, it just means that you have a very pure aura, and a LOT of potential. As for the "feeling different" and "overactive imagination"... We all do. Don't worry.:) Because of psychics' pure auras, we give off an electrical charge that is different from normals' "bland" auras... They feel this and instinctively classify us as "different", "dangerous", or even "superior", and this leads psychics to be either bullied excessively, or become exceedingly popular... Or sometimes, altogether ignored. And we all have imaginations that are pretty insane, but it's only because of all our intelligence... You'll notice, as you meet more and more psychics that almost all of us have a lot of the same qualities... One of those being maturedness at an early stage, and advanced mental development.
I'd love to talk more... I love helping new psychs 😉. E-mail me at annie.haftl [at] if you would like.
Good Luck, God's Love...

~Annie ❤
SkylarSC (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-30)
I know exactly how you feel about yourself. In fact, I'm still trying to figure out who I truly am! On this website, we all have a natural gift, and don't be afraid about what your experiencing. I know what it feels like when your sleeping and you feel distant from yourself. What I do is I imagine myself taking deep breaths and calm myself down, and try to get out of this phase. Go ahead and explore your gift, just as I'm doing. Maybe we can give each other tips? My email is- shelbsterc [at]
Siinda (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-30)
Don't be afraid that your experiences aren't matching your religious upbringing. You can be christian and believe in forces other than just God.

As for what your experiencing you seem to be a energy/sense medium, it's a wonderful gift. I do reccomend however making sure that the fainting is not related to a health problem since your blacking out vision and seeing splotches could be related to a Vitamin Defficency. On a paranormal level you may be having the spirits relay thier feelings as colors instead of words or direct images.

A good thing to do would be to conciouslly explore your abilities. Go somewhere new and right down as much as your can about what you sense then have it crosschecked by a friend. You'd be surprised how accurate someone can be just by thier extra-sensory feelings.

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