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Always The Same Abilities Until Now


So I'm Psychic.

I have visions frequently. For example, once I had a vision about water/drowning, and when I called my best friend, I discovered that her little sister had almost drowned. The first vision I remember was a vision about fire and the number two. I looked it up and a two-year-old boy had been caught in a fire recently.

I've had these visions since I was eleven and I most certainly embrace them. I meditate daily and I practice a lot. I talk about my abilities with a psychic friend of mine almost every time we speak. My abilities have always been the same... Until now.

Since seventh grade I have had my gift. I have always had VISIONS, and that was it. No telekinesis, no reading peoples thoughts, and ABSOLUTELY NO PSYCHIC DREAMS. But recently I had a dream about a peeping tom who I ran away from. It seemed different from other dreams but I didn't really give it very much thought. But then, during meditation, (wow I sound weird,) I had a vision about a peeping tom, just watching me, stalking me... Now for one thing my visions have ALWAYS come true so far, so I'm scared, checking around every corner for some crazy stalker guy, but for another thing, I trust my visions. But this vision is connected to a dream of mine.

What does this mean? I don't understand! I've never had psychic dreams before!

I need help, and I need it badly... What does all of this mean? What should I do about the peeping tom? Why am I having psychic dreams now? I'm so confused, so please don't leave me in the dark. If you have ANY information on ANY of this, PLEASE let me know. I'm scared, confused, and worried.


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pebblesbl (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-06)
I had a dream last night that I caught a peeping tom outside my window, he was wearing a cloth bag on his head with holes cut out for the eyes and markings drawn on it, reminded me of a Scarecrow. I chased him into a parking lot and asked who he was, the response I got was "You don't want to know" then the name Don or John Vander (something). He removed his mask and reminded me of a retired cop that use to attend my church. Gray hair, probably in his upper 60's. I got the distinct feeling that I was seeing him through someone else's eyes, that it wasn't really me he was peeping at, that is why I had no fear and chased him down to find out who he was. Not sure this is related to you, but I have to put it out there.
PhsychicStar (5 stories) (24 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-16)
Thanks for your support guys. MidnightGold, I'm not any more scared then I was ten seconds ago. Maybe less so. I'll do what you said and everything, and we'll see what happens. Hopefully I'll know when he leaves and it'll all be over. I actually thought it was a spirit for a little while and I asked it to do something and the electronics all went black for a second and then came back on, so... Kinda weird... But anyway I think everything's okay for now, and thanks to you, too, Naomi. I haven't seen him in real life yet but I'll keep an eye out and follow your intructions... Thanks guys.
NaomiNeverBelievedPsychic (3 stories) (14 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-16)
Aw, you poor thing: (
Dont worry, he'll probably go away soon. Just igrone him, but don't act anyway scared around him, agknowledge him but don't feed him attention.
I have know idea why this has happened to you, but it happens to me to, my abilties change like the direction of the wind. One day I have teleplic ability, the next day I dont.
Hope this helps,
Be safe,
midnightgold (30 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-16)
Lock all your doors, windows, close the curtains... Make sure there is no "key under the mat" laying around for him to find, park your car close to the door, bring any pets you have inside, the whole drill. Better safe than sorry right? Did you happen to sense what this person wanted from you or where you knew him from? If your visions are all true, be glad you were warned and don't give anybody opportunity to peep in your windows. You might even be able to prevent it? It gets really boring stalking somebody if you can't ever see them, even through windows. Wow, I hope I didn't inadvertedly scare you more, but I hope you are safe. 😐

Sometimes people dream then later get visions, or like you. It wouldn't be the first time I've heard of it happening and it has happened to me as well (the total mix up in senses/abilities). I like the change, I see it as variety of growing up and growing older. It's always fun to learn a new skill or trade, why not learn a new sense/ability too? I wish you luck, please let us know what happens. ❤ ❤

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