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Our First Anniversary Was The Day I Met Him


Back in August 2008, I had started spending time with my best friend and her new boyfriend who we met while hanging out at the pool in my sister's apartment complex. The pool was just about a daily occurrence for us, since it was the summer and we had nothing better to do than to get to know the hot guys around the area. One day in September, I was laying by the pool and fell asleep. I dreamt about a pool I'd never seen before, and in the clear night I was with someone I could feel such strong emotions for. He had the most beautiful green eyes, was slightly taller than me, and had strawberry blonde hair and the most inviting smile. I felt like I had known him for so long and never wanted to let him go. When I was woken up by my best friend splashing water on me, I hadn't remembered the dream. A few nights later, I had another dream, almost the same exact dream, but it seemed like maybe it was finishing the first dream. For weeks I had the reoccurring dream, but it was never exactly the same.

September 2009, I posted an ad on Craigslist to maybe meet some people for platonic friendships, because my best friend tends to burn a lot of bridges with my friends, because she dates most of them. So, I wanted some friends that would become my friend before they would meet her, so I could keep a relationship if she happened to burn yet another bridge. I had received a few responses, but only one stood out to me. I wasn't sure why at first, but I had felt like I had met him before, but didn't really know him, and yet was so afraid of losing him that I wouldn't let myself get too close to him just so I wouldn't scare him off.

We became good friends after we met at my best friend's coworker's house, where we had a huge connection. We were attracted to each other so much, that it scared me even more. Little did I know, he was sweeping me off my feet the same time he was getting to know another girl who he had started dating while he was trying to get me to be more than friends. But, I knew there was something different about him, and I didn't want to lose him, no matter what games he was playing with us. He moved the first week of January, this year, 2010. We kept in contact and then he told me about his girlfriend that still lives here and they're keeping up a long distance relationship. It's been a few months and we still talk on Myspace and we learn to respect and appreciate each other more and more, but never taking it too far, so we don't push each other.

It's April 13, 2010. The night before last, I had a dream. It was the same as the last time, and it was him, I finally realized it was him. I knew in the dreams before that I was skinnier and a few years older. He was skinnier, too, but in my dreams he resembled some pictures of him when he was younger and in the Navy, when he was in better shape. He's always been handsome to me, though. But, I know that it will happen, and I will anticipate every day until I finally see it happen, because I've met the man of my dreams, and that dream is slowly coming true.

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MirrorsO (1 stories) (150 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-26)
It might just be coming true, though the relationship sounded like he was flirting while scoping out another girl. 😢

Maybe, like in your dreams you will be together. It could be a good thing as long as you are happy and he is 100% into you. In a couple of years, he'll come around.

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