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My Uncle's Funeral


My Uncle and I were close - we liked each other enormously. He died on the 8th of November 2009. I was living in France at the time when my brother (who, too, has since died) rang me to say that my Uncle had died in his sleep aged 82. Three or four nights later, I went to bed; the shutters were down and no light shone through. As I laid down trying to get comfortable before falling to sleep, suddenly three orbs appeared in my bedroom. They were not static. The only way I can describe them is that they moved around each other. Now this was a guess (I wasn't frightened, a little apprehensive initially perhaps) but the thought came to me that one of them must be the spirit of my Uncle and the other two were possibly angels who had accompanied him. I believe it was his way of telling me that he had survived death. Without warning they vanished and then returned within a matter of about 6 or 7 seconds. I said goodbye to my Uncle; thanked him for visiting me and told him I was fine and the orbs disappeared.

But my story doesn't end there. An appropriate burial place for my Uncle needed to be found and it took about a month to arrange his funeral. On a cold December morning I traveled from France to the UK. The weather was extremely bad - torrential rain descended on the car and I was battling to see the road ahead. Without warning my windscreen wipers just stopped and I couldn't restart them so I had to stop on the hard shoulder of the motorway. I tried to get them working again, and they did, so I drove off again. Once again, the same thing happened and so I stopped. Again they started to work so I drove off thinking I would be fine. But, no, the windscreen wipers stopped working once more, so finally I stopped on the hardshoulder of the motorway worrying about how I am going to get to the funeral on time.

I sat in the car wondering why my windscreen wipers weren't working and debating what I should do next. Immediately I realized, the problem was not the wipers but my Uncle! He was an engineer in life so he knew all about such things. I scolded him and told him that if he didn't stop what he was doing, I wouldn't get to the funeral on time and that I had to! I turned the windscreen wipers on again and, sure enough, they started but this time they did not stop all the way to the funeral. I believe it was my Uncle's way of telling me that he was with me!

Just as I approached the cemetery where the service was to be held, just behind me was a hearse - aha, I thought - so he wanted me to be part of the ceremony - arriving for his funeral together. I think he tried to slow me down so that we would arrive at the same time - it certainly wouldn't surprise me.

I am still driving the same old car I used that day and have had no problem with the the windscreen wipers until my brother's funeral! It was wonderful that my dear old, Uncle Bob, took the trouble to connect with me.

This is not the first time that I have had a psychic experience - I am not a medium but when appropriate, spirits do seem to contact me - strange but true.

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katieb (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-15)
Hi Anne

You are very welcome - it is so nice to share an experience like this! I have had others (not very many) and when I have time will, perhaps, write about those too. By the way, I really like your site.

Katieb 😊
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-04-15)
Thanks for sharing such a nice story. It's always heartwarming to hear the affirmations that we survive the process of shedding our physical shells. Death is just a new beginning.


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