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My Dead Uncle


Back in February 2004, my uncle died of a drug overdose. Last year, me my son and my fiancee moved into the house that my uncle had died in. Since we have been in the house I have felt like there is someone here. Maybe it's because I know the history of the house or maybe it's because there is something really here. This past weekend, I had a very strange dream about my uncle. In the dream I was doing laundry in the basement. The basement is where my uncle had his room, and that is also where he died. Anyway, as I was doing laundry, I heard a noise, and looked over my shoulder and a man came out of the closet and tried to hide. When I yelled out "Who's there"!, my uncle that died stepped out of the shadows. He asked me what I was doing there, and what happened to all of his stuff. I proceeded to tell him that he was dead, and explained to him who he had died. He started to cry, and say that he couldn't be dead, because he had just walked into the closet to put his clothes away and when he walked out I was there, and everything he owned was gone. Again, I told him that he was dead. Then he asked about his mother (my grandmother) and I told him that she passed away back in 2006, right before his birthday. And I told him that his sister had passed away this past December. He said that he was sorry for any pain that he had caused the family. And that he wishes that everything was different. After a while I invited him to come up stairs with me so that he could see my son, and to finally meet my fiancee. He said that he would like that and followed me up the stairs. When I got into the doorway of the living room I told my fiancee that my uncle wants to meet him, and when I turned around, my uncle had disappeared. Then I woke up. And since I had that dream, the house has a different feel to it. It feels lighter somehow. I don't know if that means that my uncle had finally came to me and basically told me to move on and don't worry about him anymore. Or does it mean, that now he finally has some closure? Can someone please try to explain this to me, because I'm at a complete loss.

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Tetyana (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-26)
Wow, that's exactly what happened to me with my ex he killed himself tho... Now I have moved away and he followed me there... I saw him in a dream and told him Ill always be there for him and he was gone... A few months ago I was ging through a lot and needed a helping hand, I stayed up all night calling his name. The next morning I saw him in a reflection in the mirror.

I think if you want to see your uncle again you have to relly want him and need him there and then. I'm sure he is watching over you now and your fiance and child.

The house probably feels lighter because you have realised that he is now in comfort in heaven and not around you all the time, waiting.

Hope that helped!
Bootzy2004 (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-23)
Thank you Mysticn, and Edmund. I really appreciate your input. Since having the dream, I haven't had any feelings of being watched, or heard strange noises, or even had things move on their own. I really hope that with what you two said, that he has finally moved on. I still do find myself talking to him every time I enter the basement. I always say I love you, or hello. But I do think in my heart of hearts that he did finally move on.
Again I thank you for your insight. If anything else weird should happen, I'll be glad to report it.
Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-22)
Bootzy2004... I will just sort of repeat what mysticn has just written it was a closure dream... Dreams are a great way for those on the other side to communicate with us... We are more accepting in the dream and get quite a bit more across... Really if I was awake and saw what you did I would bolt from the cellar... Great story!
mysticn (27 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-21)
it certainly does sound like you had a visit with your uncle in your dream. Many spirits do come to us while we are sleeping, because we are in such a relaxed state, that we are more open to them. Also, I've been told by other psychics that it is easier for them at that time, and it doesn't take as much energy for them to come then, as it does when we are in an awake state.

Now, as for your other questions. Yes, it could be that he found closure with his visit to you, now that he found out he was indeed deceased.

Spirits often do not realize they are dead, and will hang out in their home or the last place they were, when they were alive. Especially if they passed while asleep or instantly.

He probably disappeared, because he was not ready to be seen by your fiance or son. He may have still been around, and don't be surprised if you see him again, or 'feel' a spirit around you. Spirits will often come back to visit their loved ones still living.

If you wish for him to come back, just ask him, talk to him, and share with him things going on. He may come to you again!:)

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