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Still Unsure About Possible Clairvoyance?


The newest installment in my favorite book series was just released a few weeks ago. In my last experience, I wrote how I'd made a few predictions about the book, and now I know that two and a half of them have come true, and one has a possibility of coming true in the seventh book when it releases next year.

I'd predicted that the old threat (which had been terminated in book three.) would return. It did, in more ways than one.

I'd predicted that an old character from book one would return. You see, the main characters in this book are kids with wings. In book one they'd met a girl who was like them, but she didn't stick around for long. I'd predicted that she would come back, but instead, a boy with wings they'd never met before (Dylan.) came. So I was sort of half right about that.

Three days before the release, I had a premonition of sorts. The big theme was that one of the main characters might die. On my way to class the Friday before the big release, I realized that instead of dying, the main character would leave, or disappear. There was something about a letter, a goodbye letter. I told my friend, and it turned out she'd had the same...thing. At the very end of the book, there was a letter from the main character, he had left for good.

And, aside from that, yesterday me and my dad had been listening to a three CD shuffle. I was sitting there when the song "Tomorrow" by Avril Lavigne popped into my head, and then it started playing on the CD. Later on, one song was coming to and end when the intro to "Unwanted" by Avril Lavigne started playing in my head without warning. Sure enough, it was the next one to play.

Am I clairvoyant? Thanks in advance for any comments.


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