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My Mother's Funeral


On Tuesday 5th February 2002 my mother's funeral was held. As the hearse pulled up outside my house the neighbors had gathered to pay their respects. As I walked to the gate I noticed a black cat called Barnie who was a stray that I fed accompanied by an old black mongrel that I also fed., sitting side by side on the front garden. Why had they both turned up together? Strange as it was I drew comfort from them being there.

The journey began to the Crematorium. I had asked that we pass by Aston Hall park as mom had had happy times there. Just as we were slowing driving past I looked out of the window. What I saw was not the present but a time long ago in the past.

I first saw a man and a woman walking down a path. He wore a top hat, had a tailcoat and gray trousers. He wore a waistcoat with a flowered pattern embroidered with fine silk. He carried a silver topped cane. His hair was silvery white and curly, with large bushy side whiskers. She had a lace necked gray dress with long sleeves. Her hair was black and parted down the middle taken back off her face.

I looked to one side of them where another path led. Two black horses drew a black lacquered carriage with a coachman dressed in black. As we passed by some small trees I saw a girl dressed in a rough brown dress, she was peering around the tree. Passing by the main gates I saw a large lady also dressed in brown with a white apron on. She had a handkerchief in her hand waving at me. She seemed to be crying. As we went past the gate onto Trinity Rd everything came back to the present time.

I have only told a few close friends what happened that day. I would like to understand what happened how and why. I would like to add that the pathways the man, woman and carriage were on do not exist today.

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lindajean (5 stories) (109 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-29)
That was an interesting experience. I don't know what kind of experience it was, only you hold that key. Try meditating and ask why you experienced it.
Wasabi494 (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-28)
What you experienced could be place memory. An event with particular spiritual or emotional significance can be recorded by the place where it happened, and sometimes experienced by people who visit that place at a later time.

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