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I first wanted to start off this 'story' by saying that this has been going on for a while, maybe even a year or more.

My mother and I have these weird occurrences lately, and us being clueless, we're not sure if it's of a psychic nature or not. I don't believe that it's a coincidence only because this has happened multiple times. Here are a few examples:

- My mother and I would be talking about a movie that her or I watched, and about a week later the movie would be shown on television.

- I was also talking to a friend about a movie, and she told me that the same thing happened.

- Just recently at school, I had remembered someone (about a year ago also) I was talking to in a store that went to the same school as me, we had just met. About 15 seconds later, I saw her in the hallway at school and she turned and smiled at me.

- Just today while doing my homework, I thought that it would be funny if the phone rang, because it was really quiet in the house. Seconds later the phone rang. It hasn't happened to me before.

I'm also not sure if this helps, but my mother and I have migraines a lot, and I'm able to lucid dream all of the time and control my dreams, but none of them have come true. I'm not really sure as to what other information I should provide other than that. Maybe it's just coincidence, but I wanted to get some guidence because it has been happening so much that it's starting to bother me, but not in an annoying way.

I appreciate if anyone could guide me, thanks!

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