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My Mother Called It A Gift


I was raised as a firm believer of the supernatural, my Mother also told me I had a special gift. I did encounter some strange things as a child but always dismissed them and never thought them as supernatural or anything else. When I had my youngest daughter it was an emergency cesarean. My baby was dying inside me and I was told I died briefly too. Since then I have very sharp dreams, I dream of the dead and they give me messages, it too me awhile to cop on to this with the help of a medium friend of mine. I can walk into a room and feel if something bad or even happy happened there, sometimes I have to leave a place because I get so emotional. I can see spirits now and I am no longer afraid. Could anyone tell me why this gift opened up again after my daughter's birth, when I dream of the dead it can be difficult to understand what it means so I write them down and seven times out of ten what I'm dreaming causally something will happen that week to let me know that it has come true, I can also hear people talking to me, at first it was fast and hard to understand but now I've told them to slow down and can make out the spirits are having a conversation with someone, perhaps I'm in their time briefly. I also know that when strangers make conversation with me that they have lost someone and I can get a picture in my head of their loved one and sometimes can get messages. I don't practice this but do meditate as I feel I need to. I don't know what gift I have exactly and would love someone to explain to me what I am capable of doing and how I can help people with my gift as my Mother called it.

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Godlywork (7 posts)
8 years ago (2012-12-23)
The truth is not everyone see God's work in the same way. Everything supernatural is from God. I have seen many dead people. At first I could not understand them eather. But the message come throw one day and for many days after. It was a warning to beware of the dark side. I seen people I knew when they where alive and some I didn't know. The Bible will have all your answers. Medation is time with God. You are very close to him, you just have to learn to hear him. Live sin free and you will hear God more. He really does answer.
calvinvalerian (guest)
8 years ago (2012-12-21)
One more thing, the reason of why most of us cannot see jinn and angel normally is because their body was not made with something that light can reflect to. Their body is very subtle, more subtle than when water and soap mix. I've touched jinn's body and I couldn't believe that they are that VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY subtle. Almost very untouchable and almost cannot be perceived if you don't have hand's 6th sense.
calvinvalerian (guest)
8 years ago (2012-12-21)
Hello spiritwolfdancer. Let me give you a detailed experiment you can do by yourself to know whether your abilities are from God or the jinn. Jinn is the race which usually we all call them as ghost/spirit/dead soul which they aren't.

You can hear and see the jinn that is already 50% convinces me the abilities are from God. But were you able to see aura colors? If so then great! Now say "hallelujah" for as many times as you would like. And check your color now. It must be bright golden color. Now say "Allah" for as many times as you would like. It must turn to a bright white color. As bright as a lamp. If your eyes are even more sensitive, you see the bright white light like an LED.

If you succeed to witness those two special aura colors, then congratulations you possess the eye's 6th sense which they came from God.

For a normal human when jinn speaks to them normally - like how a jinn communicates to another jinn, they will only hear buzzes in their ear (s). But sometimes they will just heard what's the jinn was saying with the reason of lucky moment. Another case is the jinn themselves the one to use their magic so that you can hear them. For that rule is exceptional because when jinn uses magic to make their voice heard by human, it can be captured by any audio recorder. Same when jinn uses their magic to manifest themselves to you. It can be captured by any camcoder.

We don't want those when they use their magic on you. Even without any 6th sense you can experience it. For your hearing, if you were able to listen to jinn's conversation then that's good your hearing also came from God. But if you hear scary sound like crying sound or hissing sound then don't count that because that was done intentionally by the jinn.

You like it or not, jinn is a magical creature. Each jinn has their own magic energy which can be measured by any human's hand which able to feel subtle vibration. Yes they can do magic. You can easily witness jinn's magic power when you meet a human with an odd abilities such as voodoo, cannot receive physical damage, long distance punch. I know those things aren't possible for normal human to do. But because they were helped by jinn so that illogical phenomena can happen. I only told you some of the abilities a jinn can do. There are still plenty of it.

Don't be afraid with their magic. Even though one jinn can become very strong but they are nothing against human or another jinn who are shielded by God's light. Remember the bright golden or white aura? Those 2 are God's light. The most perfect shield a human can have for free but just invisible for normal human to see. Only chosen humans can see it. What those holy words do is actually making the face of the host emit a very bright white light which will burn any negative jinn nearby. If the jinn stays, the jinn will be dead and destroyed. Very bright is when the jinn sees it but for human, will only able to see until LED level.

The most perfect creature is actually human. We are not afraid to insult another human which his face is shone by God's light and have a pair of mass angel wings. We couldn't get burn like how the jinn supposed to be because different realm. We could caught on fire when we physically touch a fire. Jinn will only caught on fire when they are too near with someone very close to God. But some jinns are also religious they are the one who doesn't get burn by God's light because they also have God's light on their face.

Most human think that angel is at a far place, far away from this world. If you can see them, they are not too far away our clouds in a form of very huge spotlight with height from sky to ground and the number is uncountable. What makes us can't see them is the filter in our eyes. For normal human, 2 realms (angel, jinn) are blocked. For chosen human, only until certain level of angel realm is accessible. For the last God's prophet, he saw everything. Believe me, our eyes have a some sort of filter in it which is blocking the other 2 parallel realms. This is why at certain angle of vision you can see through angel and jinn realm.

Do me a favor, always remember the word "hallelujah" which means praise to God. You don't have to pray to God. Just say hallelujah as often as you possibly can. For 1 month, check your back and above your head. There are pair of white angel wings and a white angel halo.

You don't need to do meditation. No use. Once you get the 6th sense, you only need intention to train them. It gets stronger because you become more understand on how to use them not because they are enhanced. 6th sense is similar like how you use your physical body. You only need intention to be good at it. But its existence is either there is or there isn't. How can you see your world when you don't have eyes? Same like how can you see their world when you don't have your eyes' 6th sense.

While you have your 6th sense it feels not complete if I don't teach you the hand's 6th sense. Now put together your palms facing each other but without touching. Feel the subtle, bouncy, warm/hot/cold sensation that might occur in between your hands.

If your hands are activated now this is the time I will explain to you what are those new weird sensations which is impossible from logic point of view.

[It's the hand's 6th sense]
Function: To measure jinn's magic energy, measure jinn's +/- energy, push/pull jinn in&out of your hand/body, capture jinn into your hand.

Vibrations: Vary from low to strong which tells the magic strength of any jinn nearby.

Warm/Hot/Cold: Hot for - energy, Cold for + energy.

Bouncy: To pull/push jinn in&out of your body. Also to capture them.

My duty while in earth is to inform another race either from human or jinn the reality of the greatness of God which they can't see.

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