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My Gifted Uncle


This is my first posting on this site, and I just joined:)

I have known my uncle for my entire life as we used to always have get-togethers with his and our family. In 1999, his mom (my grandma) passed away from cancer. This was my dad's mom. My grandma was the glue that held our families together so nicely. Because of her death, this is what caused us to slowly drift apart. I was 10 years old at the time.

I have always known my uncle to be a goofball - the kind of uncle that always had to crack a joke or fart loudly. This is the side of him that I knew and that I embraced. Up until the year 2010, we hadn't seen or spoken to him in 6 or 7 years.

In October of 2010, on a random ordinary day, my dad drove out to take my younger sister to her scheduled doctor's appointment and was supposed to bring the car back home in time for me to take it to work. (I had just passed my driver's license not long before, so I was practicing driving on my own to work). At about 4:30 in the afternoon, I got a call from my mom that my dad and sister were in a car accident and needed to see them in the hospital. When I got there, I found out that my dad passed away from a major heart attack while behind the wheel, and my sister only sustained very minor injuries.

However, when my uncle was called down to the hospital, I was in a state of shock when I saw him. I hadn't seen him in years and now here he was in front of my eyes. He was with my aunt and my cousin (his wife and son). He was also with my grandfather. Both he and my grandfather were sobbing.

What came next I was COMPLETELY unprepared for. My uncle walked up to me and told me that he was laying down on the couch at about 3 or 3:30 having a nap, and had a dream about a funeral procession. He couldn't see who was in the casket but he assumed it must have been his father (since he was nearing 80 years of age). However, when he looked into the casket, he saw my dad, his brother... This is when my aunt woke him up from his dream and told him the news about my dad passing. What was particularly strange about the dream were two things: First off, he saw me in the dream AS I LOOK TODAY. Keep in mind he hadn't seen me for years since I was a whole lot younger. Second of all, he felt like he was very little in the dream - so little, in fact, that he had to stand on his tip-toes to look into the casket.

Immediately after my father's tragic death, my uncle and I stayed in communication frequently via email. Because of my fascination with his dream, he also revealed another psychic experience he had when he was younger.

At around the age of 10, he accidentally stepped on an exposed electric cord in his father's garage. He went into shock and his heart stopped beating. The strange thing about this is that he saw the whole thing take place from the corner of the ceiling. He saw his body collapse and subsequently convulse as his father rushed over to him. It was an OBE. Very weird.

He also revealed a premonition he had about my grandma, from 1999. Like stated before, she was suffering from cancer and it was so advanced and debilitating that she couldn't even get up to go to the bathroom. She was literally dying in her house. My uncle was having dinner with his in-laws at their house when all of a sudden he had an extreme headache followed by an extreme sense of urgency. He looked over at my aunt and said "That phone is going to ring any second and they're going to tell me that my mom died.". He didn't even finish that sentence when the phone started ringing. She had passed away. Also, my dad drove to her house that day to visit her and she passed away right when he entered the front door. Spooky.

Just this past Christmas, on Christmas Day to be exact, my uncle and his family was scheduled to pick up my grandpa from his house to take him out for Christmas festivities (like they do eerie year). He lived in the same house alone after my grandma passed away in 1999. As my uncle got to the front steps he suddenly had that SAME migraine (like with my grandma) and had to hold his head. He managed to make it up to the door but his head was still throbbing worse and worse. After knocking and getting no response, my aunt just assumed it was a matter of my grandfather being extremely hard of hearing (he had trouble hearing most noises). However, my uncle was shaking his head and he sighed with a frown on his face. When my aunt asked him what's wrong, he looked over at her, and out of nowhere, said "My dad's dead".

Luckily, my uncle carried around a spare key to the house at all times. As he inserted it into the lock and twisted, he heard a voice in his ear whisper "Dead Dead Dead Dead". After entering, he immediately looked to the right where my grandpa was napping on the sofa like he always had, in the same position with one arm resting behind his head. His heart wasn't beating and it was later found that he had been dead for a couple hours.

Here's what scares me even more. Last week my uncle emailed me to tell me that he had an extremely vivid dream of my cousin (another cousin, not his son) being brutally murdered with a knife, but this dream took place BEFORE my grandpa passed away on Christmas. None of us had seen this particular person for years and she hadn't seen my grandpa at all until Christmas Eve when she ran into my uncle and my grandfather at a random place. My cousin hugged my grandpa and said how good it was to see him. The next day he died. At the funeral, she was the most upset out of everybody else there. She was kneeling at the casket sobbing her eyes out.

I think that particular dream about the stabbing was a premonition about how she was going to end up being full of pain after seeing a loved one pass away. (she was very close to my grandpa when we were all little)

I personally, have never had any paranormal experiences or premonitions. What do you all think of this story? Any input would be appreciated:)

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-18)
RTL89 your uncle sounds like a person whom had
A near death experience.

My aunte had a NDE (aka:Near Death Experience) and she would see things and know
Things before they happened.

Raymond Moody

People I have spoken to spoke about being more
Intuitive, and many were much more gifted psychically.
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-17)
Probably your uncle's experience with getting severely shocked awakened some of his abilities from dying for a few seconds. The premonitions/knowing is probably because the death of a close one caused his abilities to open and tell him who died. This ability is not as rare as it seems among people although he was unlucky enough to have a lot of deaths of close one around him.

Him seeing his body was a astral projection caused by a life threatening event. What you know as a OBE.

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