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I Knew He Died


In the month of December 2009, I was shopping for a Christmas gift for a friend. During the week, I had a strange feeling that something was wrong, but I didn't know what. That same night as I was shopping, I went home and my feelings grew stronger, I told my mother & father, something is wrong. I began to feel a strange turning in my stomach. I closed the door to my bedroom, got on my knees and began to pray, asking God to give me an answer.

I care about my friend a lot, and I always pray for him. I had a feeling that something terrible has happened to his father.

I remember always asking my friend, "Is your father ok?" He would say yes, but I knew he was telling me only half the truth.

As I prayed to God about my strange feeling, immediately I received an answer, I said "someone is DEAD" I searched my online local newspaper for the obituary. I saw the name and picture of my friend's father. His father died. It was scary, how did I know his father was dead. I've never seen him, didn't know his name. I cried myself to sleep, I could feel my friend's sadness pouring in me.

The year is 2010, and I still think about his father. I have a strange feeling that something is missing. Why do I keep thinking about his father, I didn't even know the man. My friend's father died at the house. I decided to take a late night drive near the house he died at, but a powerful feeling came over me, that something was wrong, I shouldn't be here. I have a horrible feeling that his spirit is still in the house, he died a tragic death.

But a piece of the puzzle is missing, I'm frustrated. Why do I keep thinking about a dead person I never knew? I feel like their is something else I should know, his presence is in that house. I need to get to the house and find my answer. How do I make peace, I need closure. How do I find an answer? Is their a reason why I still think about his father, and have strange feelings that his spirit is still in the house? Is my friend's father trying to contact me? If I go to the house, will I feel his presence? It's so weird, I feel like I should know him, like we have met before, I think about him everyday.

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RingingBellz (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-20)
My aunt can also tell when someone has just died, she says that whenever one of her friends is going to die she can't stop thinking about them, and their always in her mind. She tells me that they're just saying goodbye.
I think your friend's dad is trying to tell you something or maybe it is so that his soul can't rest. I think you should only try to contact him when you are definately ready to handle spirits.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-20)
vendetta27 you sound like a sensative. You sensed the impending death from your friend. Your friend had a connection to their parent and you tapped into this.

How could you know? The energy information was held in your friends energy field.

Any person who has not crossed over can call out and a sensative can know this without seeing the spirit. I had to deal with some energy for a family member in another country.

I had my own 3 dealings. All were different and the way it is know was not the same. Except when someone is going to cross over I smell smoke. My husband laugh's for I tell him the nose knows.

To help the roaming soul. Ask your guides/spirit helpers for a method. Use protection. It can be as simple as sending light love and visualizing help come over to help them move on their way. It is not unusual for a person whom was on heavy medication to be confused and unable to move on. I'm not certain of the reason for staying behind, for I would have to take a look.

If you want more help I can take a look and help you further. Just click on user name email.

Best wishes
Strigidae (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-19)
I would try to go to the house and make contact. However, make sure you have someone trustworthy with you there so they can notice things in the area that you might not. If you can, try to invest in an EMF reader, something to record extraneous sounds, and if possible a camera or camcorder. Spirits make contact in multiple ways and this will ensure that a message will get through in some fashion if he wants to make contact.
kelsijohnson (2 stories) (16 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-19)
past life. That is all I can give you. It makes since to me. In a way. Google it.

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