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Is It Possible To Control Snow?


I have always loved the cold and snow in general and I get a bit disappointed when I see other elements represented but not snow. I know of people being able to control other elements and technically that snow is just water but in my own experiences snow has been the only element that has really spoken to me. I have always been the "snow baby" in fact over my 25 years of life I don't think any area that I have been in hasn't had snow while I was there. I have always preferred the cold to the point were if it got to hot for me I would feel completely drained. If there isn't a cold breeze I feel like the sun zaps away my energy. I sleep with the windows open and a fan going in the middle of winter and the air-conditioner runs non-stop during the summer. My family just attributed it to being born in December. When I'm to hot I either feel slightly crazy or so lethargic I can't function. I have ran outside in my pajamas before when my constantly cold mother had refused to turn down the temperature on the heater. I can just walk around in the cold and be completely at ease since my tolerance for the cold is high. My mind is rarely ever so peaceful as it is when I'm watching the snow fall.

When I was younger I would do a snow dance that was taught to me by a teacher, it resembled a Native American rain dance, and sure enough every time I did the dance it would snow. That might sound silly but it's true. Once I got older I stopped doing the dance when I realized that I could will it to snow and I have... A lot. I can usually will to get a snow day but then there have been times that I have been so stressed that I just needed something big. When I was maybe ten years old, I was teased a lot at school and the pressure of keeping my straight A average was taking a toll on me; so I did the snow dance, a lot of wishing, and stargazing. Not only did it snow but we had a major ice storm that shut the city down for almost two weeks. The only person in our family that had power was my favorite aunt so we stayed with her. While everyone else saw it as bad and complained I had the time of my life.

No matter where I've been it will usually snow even if it's a area that doesn't get snow. I lived in Atlanta, GA for my first few years of college and Atlanta is known for being hot in the summer and mildly cold in the winter. Sure enough I felt I needed a little break from school so I just wished it and three days later there was enough snow to have a massive snowball fight (which I greatly needed at the time). Atlanta practically shut down since they weren't accustomed to snow let alone that much.

It happened again when I transferred to a school in Chattanooga. A friend, who had lived in Chattanooga her whole life, was debating with me the likelihood of us getting snow. She had a good point since Chattanooga is surrounded by mountains and she herself hadn't seen snow outside a few flurries that melted as soon as it touched the ground. I had no real defense I couldn't very well tell her that I can sense it's going to because I wished it would. Mind you again I was stressed (there's just something about me needing a break from school and snow) and I needed a break. We walked outside to see snow falling. I turned to give her a "I told you so" look but she was sure it would melt so we gave it a hour and sure enough there was enough snow to have a few mini snowball fights. The next day there were snow men in front of dorms and my friend was giggling like a school girl while she made angels in the snow. Do I have the ability to control snow or am I just incredibly lucky? What is going on with my need to take a break and snow?

Just very curious,


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TheLegendaryDreamer (1 stories) (20 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-29)
Today, I think my soul did the snow dance. I was sick on the weekend and it started raining all day, and now it's snowing, and it has been for a while now.
sasakini (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-17)
it was hard to control my abilites when I was 2 did so much thing that freaked out my mom
revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-16)
i possess the ability to "control the weather" but my students and I still don't know if we are actively affecting the weather or just predicting it. One day I was telling my partner sandi that I thought the meadow behind our house looked better covered with snow and the next morning-- it was covered with snow. Just remember that the world of the elements will not always answer your prayers. If your area does not need snow it will not snow no matter how much you might want (need) it to.

For me the winter months are a time of grounding and centering. The energies in the air move more slowly than during summer when everything runs at a fever pitch. I have more spirits visit me during warmer months but they don't stay as long as the ones that visit me during the colder months. This fever pitch is what you describe you need a rest from and therefore you slow things down with snow. Try not to be selfish about this. Just because you can influence or predict the weather doesn't mean it's just for you. It's for everyone.

Love and Light... Always
skywire4929 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-16)
We have so much in common 😁
And if you would like to know I am in love with snow and the freezing temperatures.
I may live in Australia but there are times when it is cold.
I see that you need to meditate on your ability to control snow, try it and see if you can be more in control (be 1 with it) then you might be able to go to your limits.
(be more stronger), and no there is no suck thing as luck. Nothing in this world is a coincidence, you are gifted with this power, use it well.

My abilities I'm going to keep a secret for now 😁

Good luck with it 😊

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