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What Exactly Is Going On In The Universe?


This is my first time posting a story and I wasn't too sure it fit into the "psychic experience" category. I have had premonitions, encounters with spirits and moments of empathy so I'm no stranger to the paranormal but since I've gotten older my experiences have tapered off a bit. I had just attributed it to depression putting a block on my abilities but lately I've gotten more experiences that are stronger than ever.

The first instance was about a month ago while I slept I um (this is embarrassing) woke up to a sharp pain in my vagina as if something was trying to be inserted. Okay I'm a virgin so that would be the pain that I felt but it felt like this person or whatever felt that I was a virgin and immediately backed away. I didn't see anything when I woke up and if it was something meant to hurt me then why did it stop instead of go through with it, which I appreciate since I don't want to have to explain that I lost my virginity to a ghost spirit thing. Now the interesting part is that usually thinking someone had tried to have sex with you would disturb you, but in my case I woke up giggling like a schoolgirl and being highly disappointed that I was alone. That is saying a lot considering that I have a known fear of sex in general and I have a history of sexual abuse that adds on to the fear. So the fact that I woke up not only wanting to have sex with the um "person", being very happy about it, and feeling very disappointed that he wasn't there says something. My one friend I told, said that it might have been my soul mate trying to comfort me considering things aren't going well for me right now but I don't know.

The second time was maybe a week after the almost sex and I woke up to someone holding me. I was slightly afraid this time considering they were holding me tightly and I couldn't move. I have had moments where I've woken up in a paralyzed state before but this time I actually felt like someone was holding me and once I thought "please let me go" he released me. It didn't disturb me to much since I drifted back to sleep after wards, but since then while I slept I could feel someone next to me and I just feel protected in fact I have snuggled into them.

Another few days passed and I heard a male voice call my name 3 times in a gentle but persistent way that woke me from my sleep. I had never heard voices before since most of my premonitions and messages have come to me in dreams. Once again I wasn't afraid I was mostly wondering why he woke me up and was just a touch grumpy. The last experience was again a voice except it was a woman who whimpered so loud that I shot up from my sleep, I couldn't tell if it was a whimper of pain but I'm assuming it was since in my mind I saw a flash of a worried woman in my head for a few seconds. I didn't see anything in my room again so I was dragged back into sleep. This time I had physical evidence though, when I woke up and looked in the mirror my eyes were swollen as if I had been crying the whole night. If you're thinking it was me who had whimpered, I don't think it was considering I was in a "happy" state when I woke up from the loud whimper. I really have no idea what's going on. My only theory is that maybe it's a combination of heightened spiritual awareness, a male trying to protect me, or something happens while I sleep that I need to be warned and protected from. I have in the past woken up with scars but I just assumed it was the fact that I'm a rough sleeper, I have long nails, and I'm accident prone. I have absentmindedly scratched my arm and have left welts and scars and also sprained the same toe and ankle over and over again. Whatever anyone comes up with would be appreciated, I'm very confused and this is not a state I like to be in. I feel whatever message whomever is trying to send me might be important.

Thank you in advance,


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LouraFriend (guest)
12 years ago (2010-04-28)
Do you know about incubi? This is what it sounds like to me. If you want it to stop, please read on and feel free to email me or comment back or read my post.

My beliefs:

1. We are all spiritual beings and stuff from the God side as well as demonic side can occur. They are not all the same side.

2. Coming from my Biblical perspective, what good comes from these gifts towards others? In other words, I ask myself if my gifts (as I call them. More on that in post) are truly beneficial to other people, or do they fill me with fear or pride? If they aren't doing anyone any good, I do not pursue them.

3. The more open I am with others about my experiences, the more I find I am far from alone.

4. I strongly believe and have seen it happen in my own life, that watching certain movies, listening to certain kinds of music, reading certain books (even popular fiction) and playing certain video games or experimenting with tarot cards, Ouija boards, etc. Has a ton to do with obtaining and growing in psychic abilities. If you want it to stop, action should be taken in these areas. Being open about what's happening and asking for prayer is also extremely helpful.

5. As I said before, I think there are two sides to spiritual stuff: God's side and not God's side. Neither is neutral and one produces frightening results. If you are creeped out, there is a reason. I know I'm about to make myself sound like a cracked fanatic when I say this, but... I think the "not God's" side are demonic spirits, hence the creepy factor. Demons hate people, but they can be very subtle and manipulative, playing on pride, anger, and fear. Most people are afraid of them, but many others are enticed by them and believe they are the ones in control (that would be an example of pride at work).

My thought is that God gives me "psychic" experiences for my good or for the benefit of others (not what I think would be beneficial, but what God says is). I have never tried to conceal the truth, blast it at people, etc. When I have a "message" I say it gently but plainly and so far no one has "seen the light" and turned from their ways. But that is not my part. Mine is to just deliver the message. Also, so far I have only been given "messages" to other believers or myself.

My guess is that you are the weeping woman. The proof is your tear-stained face. You said you have been practicing various occultic things. The deeper you go into the occult, the more control demonic beings have over your body. If you want this stop you need to physically cleanse your house of all occultic influences and recant your actions.

I do hope you visit my post for more detailed info. I would be glad to answer any other questions too at bigloumedia [at] I will be in prayer for you.

AbhinnaQ (2 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-21)
Thank you all for the advice. I had another "crying woman" encounter but this time I clearly saw it was me, so I suspect all of this is my subconscious calling out for help. With that, I think I will look further into depression and sexual abuse help. I have been in a spiritual "fog" so I'm guessing these incidents are a push from my subconscious to get help and I don't have a choice but to listen. Again thanks everyone ❤

Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-19)
I have no words of advice or anything that will make your situation any better except that I know exactly what you are talking about concerning that very odd pain. I have a little experiance with sexual abuse as well but I am not going to get into that. However, when I was younger I never saw them but I would allways feel as though there were demons in my room just walking around. They were not ghosts, somehow I just knew they were demons. I never felt like they were wanting to hurt me though. It was like they knew I could feel them and that I was terrified of them so they just walked around my room laughing at me. I could feel them move and could visualize them laughing. There used to be reacuring demons in my dreams that would laugh and smile at me quite often. I used to try my best not even to breath because I was scared my breath could be heard by them. Now to relate to your story... I have never told anyone about this. This will be the first and the last. There was one time when I woke up and had a very strange feeling nearly exactly like what you said you could feel the only differance is, is that I'm a guy... And I'm strait so it when it happened I did not know what to think at all. I hope that knowing that something like this has happened to someone else besides just you has helped you out. I truly wish the best for you.:)
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-18)
By looking at your email and resonating energy. I agree with AnneV about the layers.
I do not believe the male is your soul mate.
The crying woman is a reflection of the psychie calling for attention.
Situations can affect us consciously and unconsciously. These send out vibrations that can bring to light areas of vulnerablity.

You have a lot of clogged energy in your Root chakra. Phys/Emotional pain does get locked in the body. Click on this email and it explains trauma can be felt as sharp pain.
This would also explain depression.
Leaning toward caution if you have vag pain during day please see Gyn.

As mentioned smudging works on clearing the home but if used around our body it can clear the subtle body. Use once or every other week.

I encourage you to do meditate and include visualization of seeing yourself whole and happy before going to sleep for this helps reprogram our subconscious. If you are able to work with a sensitive whom does counsiling and hypnotherapy would serve to delve further as well as serve to support you. Books re healing the inner child. Or other book in this field will only empower your understanding.
Keys to Freedom by Michelle Wolfe-Emergy. Explain what signs to look for.

Therefore eliminating fear, bringing in healing. Allowing us to bring in healthier relationships. I have to commend you on your story. The truth is that so many children an people 15 to 25 percent females and 5 to 15 in males as children.
skyviking (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-18)
I agree with revsilverson that it is more than likely an incubus. And that you should protect yourself in whatever shape or form that makes you feel comfortable. Incubi feed off fear. I always imagine white light that surrounds me and the angel Gabriel with his flaming sword. That seems to get rid of all bad dark things.

There are so many realms out there and you are probably in a different one when you sleep. Just remember to never feel afraid and tell whatever is bothering you to be gone.

I wish you much strength and protection.
Lasker2 (5 stories) (89 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-17)
Superstition aside, if you're on this site then you're aware that the world has sides to it that can only been seen with eyes that are different from what everyone else has.

These things that attack us from other sides of reality are not "demons," but are some aspect of people that have died and remain to disturb the lives of others. Don't fear them, as fear is the necessary weakness of a psychic that allows their barriers to be broken down.

When you fall asleep you do indeed touch through to realms outside of our own. The way people deal with this is by using their own mental will power to raise a defense in the absence of the natural shields thrown up when you're awake.

It may sound esoteric, but this is done by focusing before you fall asleep on the idea of being shielded, and it may work for you...
revsilverson (guest)
12 years ago (2010-04-16)
i am concerned this might be the initial phase of incubus attachment. In many cases, the incubus first tries to subdue its prey with feelings of safety and happiness. The prey becomes dependent on it and begins to think of nothing else but the incubus and how good it makes them feel. Incubii ALWAYS will perform sexual acts on their prey. The woman crying is either a protective spirit trying to warn you or even yourself trying to warn yourself of danger. Usually incubus attacks are performed on older (than you) women but that just might be because older (than you) women report them more often than younger women. The incubus might be using your lucid dreaming to control you.

I would suggest immediately cleansing your space either with smudging or incense (I would suggest myrrh in this case) saying "negative energy begone from me, protective energy set me free". Walk clockwise in your space with incense and saying those words and leave a window open for the negative energy to exit. If it persists you may need to have someone bless your entire living space. Also be sure to use a psychic defense shield every day. I envision a shining golden pyramid from the top of my head down to my toes. This will protect you and repel negative energy attachments.

Good luck to you.

Love and Light... Always
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-04-16)
The states coming in or out of sleep are the hypnogogic and hypnopompic. Any person (male or female) who is or can become lucid during these states will sometimes have encounters with beings (current or post human and non-human). Sexual encounters are pretty common too. It doesn't necessarily mean it's your soul mate. It can be as mundane as a soul that is simply attracted to you.

"What is going on in the universe" is that this is just life. We are souls temporarily inhabiting a physical shell and we are sometimes, and some more than others, open to non physical souls. If you had the ability to leave your body (astral projection) then you'd see and experience these to a much higher degree.

It sounds like this is not a negative experience for you and might even be something your higher self has asked for to help you transition out of the fear based pattern regarding sex.

As for the weeping woman, who can say for sure. You made an interesting point that it could have been you. We may very well feel happy and go to bed happy, but there are layers to us that hold our past pains and they can surface (especially so in sleep) so it wouldn't surprise me. We can bury this all we like but it still remains until we learn to process it.

Thanks for sharing!

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