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Demon In My Dream


2007-In dream state I woke up unable to move, I could see everything but could not speak. I felt a presence in my room, it came over me on the right side of my bed and I want to say it held my arm and chest down and started to chant in my ear. I was very scared, yet for some reason I tried to look and see what was near me. I couldn't! He as it sounded male chanted I couldn't move I knew I was dreaming but I was awake I just couldn't move. I woke up scared to death.

2010- In a dream I was having I was walking into my room with my baby in hand. As I neared my bed I lost all strength and fell to the ground, at that time something came from under my bed and grabbed my hands. I told myself to wake up, I was paralyzed. I woke up in the on my left side paralyzed only my eyes could move, I felt it coming the shadow came over me and held my head down against the pillow I thought I was awake now I tried to move and yell but couldn't I let out a yelp my fiance said I was motionless with my eyes open and he couldn't break me from it for a minute or so. I remember telling it to get the F away from me at which time it let go and I was able to move. Should I be scared or not?

Is this a demon? What should I do?

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Obemiami (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-25)
I am amazed that I can relate to this. It happens every couple of months. I'm half asleep and feel completely paralyzed and aware. I feel the weight and pressure of a body against me usually In the sheets. Then there is always a squeeze or an interaction. Last night, and the reason I am here, I felt another hand grab my hand, it was so real, it then moved. I keep thinking it's just my brain playing with me in a dreamscape, I have never been able to explain it and am completely willing to discuss it. I remember always believing it was an " evil" force and after many experiences I started believing it was harmless and searched for a more scientific explanation. I was able to regain movement and challenge the "thing", sometimes aggressively challenging it by squeezing it back. I have never seen anything however. Pretty wild stuff.
rayangirl (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-09)
I am writing this to all my friends whom have comments or questions about having been " locked up and not being able to move their muscles by a higher force while being able to feel an entity around them". There is no reason to be worried about this phenomenon. I have been having OBEs since I was 8 years old until now that I'm 27. In these years there were entities who brought me out of my body and indeed could answer my questions. I had the exact same feeling intitaly until I came to know the black postures are no one but Angels in black robes or cloaks. They are really Angels but since we as earthly people have no recall of the realem we really have come from we have this imaginary image of angels in our mind of them being white with wings. However, that's does not always seem to be the case. Angels do not look like humen. They might appear in dark robes and their presence is just for our protection even if we feel otherwise. They are always there, but by putting us in the astral state God wants us to know there's something more than this physical body. Please leave a comment or email me in case of further questions.:) ❤
cody (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-24)
Alright, so I just started looking this stuff up because I had a surprise visit today. Just took a wild guess that it was a demon but this is really similar to you. Half dream/awake but I felt like I was trying to wake up and it was trying to keep me asleep. It kept coming closer and I even felt the weight of it in my bed. I was trying so hard to move and call out to my room mate but I couldn't until I got my hand to move slightly. I kept telling myself to get out of it even though half of me was curious as to what's going on. I felt a presence and I heard it growl or something. I opened my eyes a sliver and I could see some kind of black figure. I don't know if it was a hullusination, but my hallusinations don't usualy say much or have weight to them. I'm fine and everything, I just want to know what its up to.
ladybug24 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-17)
I just started constantly having nightmares and a few weeks ago I had a dream where I was talking to my friend and her mother. All of the sudden they turned into horrible demons and told me they weren't going to let me go and their laughs were extremely demonic. Well, I tried so so hard to scream for anyone to help me and then realized it was a dream but I was paralyzed. I couldn't move, open my mouth, and it felt like something was stopping me from breathing. Finally after desperate tries to scream and move, I felt released, but I could tell that it wasn't my fighting that made it all stop. I swear the demons wouldn't let me go and I woke up hysterically crying thinking that it actually happened and it took half an hour to realize it didn't happen.
hug100 (126 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-20)
can some one please help me answer my previous post I'm not sure if this is what my dream is trying to tell me or not but its got me scared silly I'm hopeful that I'm wrong thought but having a similar experience before I'm confused on just what its trying to tell me please some help 😕
hug100 (126 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-20)
maybe some one can help me under stand my dream a little better. Last night I dreamed that I was at a old abandon church with a group of people and the was a demon that look like a human mix with a red dragon and this demon has appeared to me once before and in the two times he has appeared to me he had tried to possess me but there's been another guy in both dreams that's stopped him the other people that where there just ran when they saw him. Last time I had a dream like this I encounter a real demonic spirit it try to possess me I managed to fight it off with my bible and faith in god. Could this possibly mean that another demonic spirit is going to try to possess me? Please help me if you can.
Galatea (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-30)
I'm just very glad that I'm not alone in this experience! I've actually found this site because the same thing happened to me yesterday. I suffer from migraines and I've had one since Monday. Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a nap to see if the headache would improve. I fell asleep and I remember feeling the weight of a body on the -right side- of my bed as well! I knew it wasn't my dogs and for a minute I thought it was my boyfriend but deep down knew that it wasn't him (he was at work.) I shut my eyes very tightly not wanting to look at the 'thing' lying next to me, but was unable to move my body otherwise. Then I felt the 'thing's' body move closer towards me, so close that I could feel the heat emanating from its body! I felt it's 'hand' trying to touch my face and when that happened I bit right into its 'hand', it didn't feel like a human hand as I could only feel three very elongated 'fingers'. I tried to concentrate very hard on waking up and did so after a minute or so, needless to say, my heart was racing as if I just ran a marathon. I kept humming this hymn I learned when I was little and that kept me focused and calm enough. It is not the first time I have dreamt of a demon but it is the first time that it tries to touch me. I'm not very knowledgeable about this subject, I did come up with some interesting facts on the internet about people dying in their sleep and the countless stories and myths associated with this type of experience. So I can empathize on how frightening and bizzare this experience can be.
HaVeN (guest)
12 years ago (2010-06-14)
Rynn I woke up once and heard this weird laugh I jumped out of my bed and actually fell limp to my floor. I saw aface and it said your mine and I said no I am not and felt all my resistance drain out of me. I got angry and visulized my srength boil up in me and then I pushed at the force with all my might and thought of love light and Jeasus Christ (or whatever god you believe in) and I heard a screach and I found myself inches away from where I was. I thought I did it and smiled. Then once I was walking to my bathroom and my mirror opened and Everything went black. I felt like I couldn't move. I felt my body thump to the floor. I pushed with all my might and saved myself once again. Try what I did.

Hopes this helps. Love HaVeN ❤ 😊 😁
rynn (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-06)
Micabrito, I have exactly the same dreams/experiences! I NEED HELP! I suffer from this almost EVERY NIGHT. Last night was the worst... I ran outta air and couldn't take a breath, I was screaming but I was paralysed, I was awake and scared or was I dreaming? It was so real, I lived and experienced this and can control what I do in it until IT tries to kill me! I know when I'm in the state paralysed, can't move but can see I know where I am and I try like mad to scream and move and get my hubbys attention but I can't move! Then finally when I wake I almost tear him to sheds to make sure I am actually awake! I try desperatley to WAKE up I tell myself to fight and wake or move and try to pinch my hubby so he can help me! But nothing works until IT realeases me... I don't no who to see about this? People will think I'm crazy but I'm too scared to sleep now! An interesting point is this always occurs at night never during the day if I nap and ALWAYS happens in the first half hour of sleep! Sometimes before I'm asleep I can feel my body shake uncontrollably (but I'm really not moving at all) and drift off to where the thing is that tries to control me... Last night I felt something wrap around my waist, push my head into the pillow, hold it down and I couldn't get any air, I was suffercating!

Im scared to death! What is it? What does it mean? I don't believe in demons but what is this? A reoccuring dream that alters to where I am because I can see everything and know where I am I just can't move! Please help!

micabrito10 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-30)
Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. I haven't had this dream anymore as of now. I'm just worried that the next time he comes to me in my dream I won't be able to wake up anymore.
Pearline94 (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-21)
My mother had a dream like that, it was about her being chased by ghosts. My sister had to violent shake my mother to wake my mother up. My mother believes that the force she felt was a spirit pushing my mother down, to not allow my mother to wake up.

My mother also told me once that my uncle had a friend who could see spirits and once saw a spirit pushing his friend down the railing of his friend's house. His friend died instantly.

My mother would also tell me to never leave my chopsticks in my mouth for fun as there might be invisible force who might force the chopsticks down your throat and perhaps kill you.

I'm not sure if my comments help, but I'm just sharing this to anyone who wants to know.
giantboy (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-20)
i have the exacted same dreams last night in fact I scarred the crap out of me. I dream that I was sleeping on a bed and monster or demon came out of no were and attacked me. I was watching hoplessly as my body was being attacked. I felt a hard pressure as I woke up. And I felt as if what had attacked me was still by me. Please help.
kelsijohnson (2 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-19)
um sometimes I find myself like that in a dream and then I feel a prssure on my chest and it woke me up. In dream like that its like you live your body and it trys to get back in and that is the pressure

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