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At the age of 2 I crawled out of my garden onto a busy road to the other side unharmed. At the age of 7, I put my hand through a small window, palm open, only to pull it back out with fist clenched unharmed. At the age of 13, after moving into a new house, a bible fell at my feet while sat at the computer. I quickly got my mum to come into the dinning room before I explained what had happened. I quickly glanced at the open bible to see a map of Egypt on one page with writing on the opposite, I regret I didn't take note of the page number, looking at the shelf where it came from was one space, several books either side with 2 books on top, the bible fit perfectly.

I have recently returned from Australia at the age of 23, this is what has made me pursue further guidance. While living in Australia I had many ghostly experiences such as someone sitting on my bed after I had only been in it for one maybe two minutes, footsteps walking from my front door, the hard to open draw on the coffee table being opened and the strangest of them all, waking from a vision to hear, what I say to be Latin or a group of drunken Irish folk whispering, I have now been told it is the 'natural tongue of life'.

On a typical Wednesday afternoon lounging around the house I had three visions, the first was me winning a poker tournament but sitting in a certain seat. Later that night I played in a poker tournament avoiding that seat only to lose, luckily enough I was given another chance to make up the numbers and yes the only seat available was the seat in my vision, I cleared the table within 15 minutes to go onto the final table and yet again I cleared the table within 10 minutes to win the trophy. My second vision was St Michael, yes the Arch Angel Michael, now this is where I have no choice but to believe. A neighbor across the road to where I lived had recently started tarot reading, I confronted her about my vision, also telling her I have a slight deafness. She told me someone was trying to tell me something, she said Arch Angel Michael is the highest Angel there is, the Angel of healing. I was quite hesitant to believe her. She reached for her tarot cards, spread them in her hands and asked me to pull out a card, in which I refused a several times as I have always been a skeptic on the paranormal etc. Only out of instinct I reached for a card (choice of 52 I think) and showed her what I had, she looked at me in shock, mouth open, there he was, Arch Angel Michael. Later that day she did a tarot reading, I admit, all 12 cards had meaning. My third vision was about me. I have always had this feeling that I should write a book, a book about life, I feel I cannot write this book unless I am house-bound.

Within less than one month of me returning home to England I became house bound due to an unforeseen illness. The same day I started college my knee swelled, arthritis. I had to quite college, putting off my career as a psychologist/philosopher. In the past 18 months being back home, I have started to see orbs, mostly white some are grey. I don't mean taking a photo and in the background there is an orb, I mean watching TV, talking to a friend, sitting at my computer etc, I also feel a coldness, like someone is holding my hand. I also feel cold spots around me, just less than 2 weeks ago I felt a coldness on the right side of my face, turning my face I could now feel it on the left side, so it was fixed not moving, putting my hand in and out of it I could feel that it was stable, I asked my brother to come feel it and he could. It was the size of let's say a football, after 5 minutes it disappeared. I feel this coldness hold/touch me now on a daily basis, is someone trying to tell me something?

I have always believed in ghosts as I have many stories to tell but I find it hard to understand the after life, God, paranormal etc. Can someone please shed some light on how to deal with this or maybe help me further my psychic ability or 'intuition' as some scientists call it. Although there is no scientific evidence of intuition, I believe it to be very much true and apart of our everyday lives, just as politics is also. I would like to thank everyone whom may read this story and I appreciate any feedback. I am open to any discussion on my other ghostly encounters. Again, thank you.

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UtterlyConfused (1 stories) (9 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-05)
How were you able to tell that someone was sitting on your bed for One or two minutes? Did you get that feel or they left an imprint?
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-26)
jspeed1984 I did not find anything specifying Arch Michael as a healer.
So I do not know!

There are so many veins of thought out there.
If you go to Kaballah he is head of alignment to one of the elements and aligned to a planet. In Judeo Christianity he is referred to as a warrior, helpful in exercism and neg activity defender of Israel as well as the faithful. Metaphysical has their own theory.

My encouragement is pray and meditate.
You will get the guidance you need.
That I would bet on. You are in a lovely postion because you can sense spirit around you. You just need the proper doors.
My question is if you are of judeo christianity you may wish to follow that path. If you do not have one. Look at what it is out there. You will get a lot of heat and cold connecting to your will one you move in the alignment.

I can only encourage you once you find the path. You will say to yourself. That you know this is the right path, for information will come via dreams or open seight. Its a great place one your in it and it is not impossible.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-23)
jspeed1984 since you are in England as myself you may wish to Google David Furlong he has a book on psychic development as well as Leyline courses. You can also check out the British society for dowsing as they work with leylines in finding water plus have conventions where groups meet.

On St Michael I have to find my old book and then reply.
jspeed1984 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-21)
Thank you PathR
I know of other angels having healing powers but isn't St. Michael the almightiest of them all?
I do believe these orbs to be guides as since I was a child, I have this huge amount of wisdom that runs through my body, as if I have lived before. I still to this day impress myself when speaking to a stranger and all this knowledge comes out. Some people say they know me, a lot feel my aura. I still help others to see things in a different perspective
I feel this coldness when I'm hot or cold, even some nights I feel it touch my face, while sat at the computer I feel the coldness beside me. No matter what I am doing I know when there is a presence, it is definately not a breeze.
I am only just discovering about ley lines.
Unfortunately I don't feel as though I am psychic
Again Thank You PathR you may have helped me further to understand how life works
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-21)
I really enjoyed your story.

There are many stories of St Michael a warrior whom protects, works with
Exorcism. Many angels can work with healing in one way or another.
You may wish to Visit St Michael's in Cornwall it aligns with St Michael's in France both connect to each other via Ley lines.
I do not work with Angel energy, but according to one instructor there are
People whom works with Angels have a certain color around their aura. Which indicates they work with angel energy. So many people believe in angels and think they work with them and in reality it is spirit coming through not angels.
I have only heard angels wings and when they have sang. Both are powerful and lovely.

As for the grey and dark lights. I've seen them.
The orbs are deceased souls (people) and even guides.
I've seen it after sending healing to my pet before he passed a few hours later he was hovering over the bed in an orb and then departing.
You may wish to go to an Open house at either Arthur Findlay college
Or CPS in Kensington. If you view a medium on platform you will see the orbs move back and forth behind people. It is interesting to watch the speaker as well as the audience because a family member whom questions if this is their loved one is the one you see the orb move close by them. It is also an indicator of true mediums and false for the energy can be seen as well as felt.

Regarding the cold energy I feel it when I'm reading information sort of as a dowsing which affects my right hand.
But it has come when I was being taught a lot by a deceased descendant about grounding. I've felt it when going in to homes or castles that have roaming spirit (deceased persons/discarnate) remaining residence.

Best wishes
jspeed1984 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-20)
wow that is kind of strange, at least I now know I am not alone. Could you possibly tell me how to meditate, please. I feel like I am losing my abilities now I am getting older but many say the ablities grow stronger the older you get. I would like to harness what I have got and oneday have that scientific evidence of the paranormal etc as only those with psychic abilities believe in each other and the rest of the world think youre crazy.
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-20)
I may not know how to exactly help. But I do suggest meditating it helps center everything. You can find pretty much everything about it on google or youtube. I just felt compelled and shocked to tell you that everything besides the injuries (though my twins best friend just had it happen to her about 4 days ago) and the window incident, everything that's happened to you has happened to me, including seeing St. Micheal a lot, the orbs, the feeling of a hand on you, wanting to go into psychology, etc.

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