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Able To Read Others?


So recently I was conducting a few experiments. A few of my friends have many depressing stories that they have never shared with anyone. My on friend the other night was talking to me. She was being her perky self. It occurred to me that there was something wrong. I felt a sharp pain of depression. I knew this was not my emotion though. Through out the past few years or so I have been having no emotions of my own. I have only been accepting them from those around me.

Now back to my friend. I focused enough to pinpoint the problem within her subconscious mind. It was actually quite a strange action. I felt ever bit of pain she had ever felt. So I started to describe her. It seemed that the things I knew about her no one else knew about. Only me. And we haven't been friends for very long. I even told her stuff that she didn't even know. Its quite strange. I am taken over by others emotions yet I am also able to feel every other emotion they have ever felt. Thus I get a look inside of their minds.

The human mind is an interesting subject to me. I can tell when people are gossiping in school and when people have suicide thoughts. Its just so strange to me. Many of my friends wonder how I know so much about them. I am scared that this is hurting my friends. I have felt the feelings some of the most terrible events. Grief, horror, disgust, and so on. You name any form of emotion I have probably felt it. I just have no idea how to handle so many emotions and thoughts at once.

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thewind (3 stories) (80 posts)
13 years ago (2010-06-20)
I agree with --Mystical--. I haven't gotten any psychic stuff yet. Just aerokinesis. But I'm happy with it. (Even not being very good...) Anyways, you never feel your own emotion anymore? Huh.
--Mystical-- (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-06-20)
Do your friends know about your gift?
If not, you should explain it to them so they're not totally freaked when you suddenly go all "I know what you're thinking". I think it's the best way to avoid any problems you may have. You know, not everyone is used to "other-worldly" experiences.
xx_sabrina96_xx (3 stories) (44 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-24)
I want to call you an empath... But it seems so much more then just to call you that... You probablly are an empath just a different way of feeling your friends emotions.

Your story is kind of like mine. I can sorta do what you can. My friend Amanda can get really depressed sometimes. She's act all happy but I always get that ping of her pain. Like I'm feeling it. I can also tell when she's not telling me something. She'll act normal but I just get a sense that she wants to tell me something but she doesn't.

My one friend Marissa was keeping secrets from me and Amanda. I could just tell.
She came to school the one day and I imedently thought she's hiding something. It was almost as if I was hiding secrets... Like that sence of sneekyness...
But I came right out and told her "Your hiding something" she said no, but I can tell her heart beat went faster and she blushed. ^^ I kept telling her that and she would say no.
But A few weeks later we found out what it was and she told Amanda that I'm creepy because I knew but didn't know ^-^
If that makes eny sence.


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