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Dreams of my Father


Hello to every one. My name is Jessica, I am 20 years old and I've always had these predictions and sixth sense, you could say, since I was a little one, but they mostly occur in my dreams. My father passed when I was 3 years old and I remember a couple years later, it was winter during the day, and my mother put me to bed for a nap and as I was sleeping. I dreamt of myself walking up a flight of stairs and I stumbled upon this door and a mist of yellow smoke was seeping out of its cracks, so I opened it and there was my father lying there unconsciously and the weird part about was yellow tape with caution signs were surrounding his body, but no police were around and everything went black, then all of a sudden there I was, jumping on my bed. My father came to me but he said nothing, he just held my hand and we jumped off the bed and we went flying. I woke up soaked with sweat, I didn't understand what it meant and I didn't at the time understand why and how he died, until I was much older.

Now I know that he died of hepatitis and my mother described him as being an abusive horrible man. To me I perceive that dream as if he was telling me what he died of and although he's done horrific things in the past, he made it to heaven and that he'll never stop watching over me.

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Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-27)
aww that's nice its a lovely story which you have told us. He has made mistakes in his life
which he now knows. When someone has passed away they watch us every day to see how we are doing they want to see us happy. I think your father just wished that he had done things differently. He is saying he still loves you and he can see you grow up. Ghost/spirits can contact you while your asleep because your mind is open. Family relatives and friends who have passed away can give us dreams about them it means something there trying to tell you something. They can give you either a dream/letter/ phone call/ return of a ghost even if there dead its freaky in a way but people have told us these stories. 😐 I'm sorry about your dad it must of been so hard for you. Just remember he is watching over you and he loves you so much. One day you will see each other.
hotandcold (5 stories) (218 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-25)
That's a lovely story! Sorry about your Dad passing. It's just nice how he came back to tell you he was ok.

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