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I was about five years old when it happened. I was taking a bath, splashing around in the tub. Then I saw out of the corner of my eye a man. When I turned to look at him head on I wasn't scared, I knew he meant me no harm. He was wearing faded blue jeans and a button up shirt, his hair was slicked back with gel. He just stood their smiling at me, and I was smiling back. He looked familiar, but I didn't know where I'd seen him at the time. Then I heard my mom coming around the corner, and the man disappeared. When I told my mom that I saw a man she started freaking out thinking someone was in the house. When she knew there was no one in the house she sat down next to me and started asking some questions. She told me to describe him and I gave her a good detailed description. Her eyes filled with tears and I though I had upset her with my story.

When I asked her what was wrong she said the man was her brother, my uncle. He had died a few years ago from a gun shoot wound. She went back in her room and retrieved a picture she asked me if it was the man I saw. I nodded yes as I remembered the gentle eyes that I had seen early. My mom started praying then and calling out my uncles name asking him to come back.

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CrazyFighterGurl (1 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-06)
That has happened to me sometimes. I see my uncle Scott watching me. He died before I was born. When I finally saw a picture of him, I told my dad, that looks exactly like a person I saw watching me. He said that wasn't possible. I know it is, and I still see my uncle sometimes.
violet13 (3 stories) (18 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-01)
This is a lovely story. Thanks for sharing. I hope I see my uncle today.It's Dia de los muertos after all or Undas in our culture and all saints day to most. He killed himself a couple of months ago. His death was...well,it was not nice. But if I fail to see him, I just wish he is resting in peace.

- xie ❤
harvey136 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-01)
This actually made me cry a little because it reminded me of when I was on a school trip when I was about 11 I saw my uncle who, had been dead for 2 years at that point, stood behind a fence about 100 meters away from me watching me as if he was guarding which I found very comforting as I was very scared at that point and kept seeing things moving around in the dark. I think the fact that he was my godfather may be why I keep seeing him and others see him near me
rocknroll300 (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-05)
Angela- He died when I was a baby so I have no memory of him except for this experiance. But my family says I'm a lot like him:so maybe theirs a connection there?
Amyoung (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-05)
i see spirits. I'm Angela and I'm 14,

Some of them are god and some are bad,

But you experiance was unique to me, seeing a uncle... Wow... =] like did you know him before he died? Or did you only know him as the picture?

Just curious,
-Angela Marie
Rain (4 stories) (191 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-05)
I used to see spirits as well.
Then my parents put me on ADHD medicine.
Water under the bridge now, but it dulled my abilities to the point of being nonexistant.

Three years ago I stopped taking it and my 'gifts' are slowly returning to me. I can't see spirits as I used to. Now they're just shadows out of the corner of my eye. But I remember I used to talk with them.

There aren't many spirits in my house now, just a few cat-ghosts. I've gotten quite used to them though, and am fond of them now.

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