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Future Dreams Are Now Really


For a while I only had dreams were things would happen. Such as I dreamed of having a new class seat the next week or two and wear I would sit and it happened. But lately, they have been happening every day like today I was playing this game and I never played it before then I new it was from my dream 3 days ago. But yesterday before I fell asleep in class I new she was going to yell at me and give me a detention then I fell asleep.

And now I close my eyes it's like I see something that is getting ready to happen. And I don't no what's wrong with me and it's starting to scary me. Because everything is coming true that happens like I feel something bad is going to happen soon but I don't no when are where. And I try to change it sometimes by trying to do something different but I can't my body won't let me do anything different because me and my friend were cleaning and he was getting ready to say is it the number one piece I tried to say no it's not the number one piece but I couldn't. Then he told a joke and I tried not to speak to him because it was a knock knock joke but I couldn't it felt like I was being forced to watch me do that and not being able to change it. Then I get really bad headaches and when I start to day dream I saw I was playing this game with blue light and then just before I got on here I was playing that game I won't to no if I can change it like I tried to before.

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Amyoung (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-05)
this happens to me lll the time! Oh my gosh! I have dreams they come true, some are about death then it happens like a week/month or a long while later!

I don't really know if you can change it, but trying is always worth it!


Hope I can help!

-Angela Marie

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