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Glad I'm Not Alone In All This


I don't even know where to begin, there has been so much throughout my life. However, for the past ten years or so my mind has opened up a lot. I'm 20 today, but have always seen, heard, smelled, felt etc. Something others couldn't see - and still can't.

When I was younger, my mother used to live in an apartment together with me and my ten years older brother. This apartment (and the rest of the house) was haunted, though it was nothing dangerous at that point. I think I was seven years old or so when I started to think about the fact that I always heard voices - I called them the Whisperers. As the years went by, and I grew older, I started to see shadows, hear these voices even louder and feel when they passed next to me. In my room, that from the beginning was a hallway, I could feel the breeze from the former servants walking through this. Then when I was ill - and thaw was a lot - I could feel that at least someone was standing next to me, with his/hers hand on my stomach (which often was the problem, with loads of pain) or whatever it was that made me really ill, and it was like this person was healing me. Making the pain easier.

During those years we lived there, I always had an invisible dog and a cat lying next to me (well, they wanted to lay on me, but when I turned around they went down to the side). I could feel the heat from these two, and the dog still follows me wherever I go - even though I left that apartment five years ago. But during the five years that has passed, my senses have grown even more.

The first story I'm going to tell you about was from that moment we moved into our new house and for about a year ahead. First of all, this house is great - I really love the atmosphere and those whose still there is friendly. We had been living there for about a month or three when it started to feel very scary to go down to the basement. I refused for several months to go down there - especially by myself. My mother is a bit like me, she can feel some and smell but she cannot see as I can. She felt the presence of something evil down there, but not as strong as I did. Even my stepfather that has nothing of these abilities what so ever could feel that there was something. When you walked down to the basement, you (I) could feel that it was very cold at some spots, someone was always watching you and there was something that made the hair on your arms and your neck rise. There wasn't a nice atmosphere. One night, a couple of months later (or maybe a year), I was sat on the floor in my big room doing some crosswords. It was in the middle of the night and everyone had gone to bed (that is my mum and stepfather), but for some reason I just couldn't sleep. As I sat there, it suddenly becomes cold as ice behind me! It was as if my entire body and its blood froze. I didn't dare to turn my head around; I was so scared since it was a very evil thing standing behind me.

It felt like an eternity, but it was probably only a couple of minutes, before something warm came towards me from one of the walls (it had previously been an opening there to reach the other floor, I think). It was just like in those crappy films where the good and the bad "start a fight". I could feel the powerful energies and then all of a sudden that cold, evil thing fled. It ran towards my door, and even opened it on it's way out! I still didn't dare to move a finger, and as I stared at the door I could see something black (it was like a black cape) as it "ran" out and did a turn.

The next morning, it turned out that my mother couldn't sleep either - this in itself was weird since she always sleeps through the night. She told me that she could feel some tensions, and then suddenly heard my bedroom door open. She thought I was on my way to the bathroom but I never came. Then she felt the coldness, as if there was ice on its way. She took her glasses at the same time as this evil thing flew by in her and my stepfather's bedroom. She could see a black, cloaked thing flying by and run out the window way. This she told me before I had the chance of telling her about the previous night - before I went to bed I tried to convince myself that I had dreamt it, even if I knew I hadn't.

After this, my "babysitters" follows me everywhere, they never leave my side - even if I can't see them I can feel them. And do you remember that scary thing in the basement as I mentioned? Well that thing disappeared at the same time as this scary, cold and evil thing escaped from our house.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what the heck this thing was and why it was in MY room behind ME in the middle of the night!? It wasn't just a coincidence, that much I can tell you. Personally I think that might have had with the fact that I'm the one in my family that's most open to this sort of things.

I've got plenty of other stories (that are all true), and I'll share yet another one with you here now.

First out I should tell you that this happened in the school I'm currently attending.

These buildings are very old, but a fire destroyed the originally buildings about 150 years ago or so. These buildings are now a school, but used to be a local store during the 19th century and before that. I've been here for three years now, and from the very beginning I could see people (not the living one), hear their voices, feel them, talk to them, touch them etc. One of the persons that I've had most contact with is an old lady. I have no idea who she is, but she's not evil but very harsh and loves to yell at people. She's not one of the staff working in the school, which makes her older than 200 years... Anyways, most of the days she spend screaming at people, telling them to do this and that. Yelling at little boys' for running, stealing etc. She even screams at me, not as much as she used to since I one day overheard her yelling at a little boy. I sort of muttered to her and asked her to give him a break, ok, I asked her to keep her mouth shut in a tone and with some words she didn't approve. She just stared at me, made some sort of noise and turned around. The boy looked at me, smiling thankfully and then ran away. That woman is always watching you over here, but from that day she's more or less left me alone.

There are places in this school where I hate to go, it's almost like that thing in my basement. A couple of times I've sort of asked why it's like that and then all of a sudden I stated to have nightmares. I was trapped in that building and it was on fire. I was in a room with two, maybe three people, and it was fire everywhere. I could see the fire reach them - and myself. I felt the fire against my skin, I felt the pain that didn't end before I woke up. I would have seen this as a very bad dream, if the pain hadn't stayed with me for several hours after that I woke up by burning to death. I even had scars to prove it, only they disappeared the next morning. This was repeating itself, over and over again for about two weeks. I didn't want to sleep - so I did everything in my power not to. I believe that these people heard me asking what had happened there and why they didn't leave. I think that they answered my questions by showing me. I can still see the fire sometimes, and every time I can feel the fire as well. I've asked people around this school about the fire and if someone died, but the answer is always a no - though I know they are wrong. But what can I do?

I could tell you billions of other things that have happened in my life, but I doubt that anyone would want to continue their reading here at this very moment. But if you'd like to talk about either this or that (I haven't told you), you're free to contact me.

I'm still going through these sorts of things, feeling other people's feelings, reading them like an open book etc. I've found my own "guide" and I've still got my guardian angels or whatever they are close to me wherever I go. Frankly, I'm glad I'm not alone in all this; that I've got them looking out for me and helping me!


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moonlight_shadows89 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
Thank you:) Yeah some places are just full of it, bit everything isn't bad though. This happened some years ago and that WAS really scary, along with some other stuff I've been through while visiting old places such as castles (I love history you see it sucks but what you have to remember is that everything isn't bad, some can be (in a weird way) very good friends. Only problem then is that you can't tell anyone (but possible your family) about these.

I won't change house I'm afraid, since I rather fight for it - it's my home now and if they can't accept sharing a house then they should leave.

I'll send you a message at some point, bit you can send first if you like to, my email is wild_orchids2009[at]

Talk to you later I hope!
shahidutz (21 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-12)
hi moonlight,
Many of peoples don't believe if you tell them, but many of beleives because of their experience, I had experience like you, and even my mother and some family members too had experience, but one of my brother did not see anything even in our home we all members saw many of things like you, my mother says, some peoples have light blood therefor they see and feels things but some have heavy blood, so they can't see or feel, so maybe my brother blood is heavy.
Anyway I had same experience and many years even I got so much sick, but God helped me, and all has been gone, even the more big effect of home.
Because some of homes are haunted, so if you feel and even yours family, should to change the home.
I have telling you so much and want to give you some advice, but I can't mention here.
Please email me on my address, I will write you some advices and many of things.
Shahidutz [at]
I will wait and don't worry and don't afraid.

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