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I Am Empathic, But Should I Risk Healing?


I recently went to a local reputable Physic that I have been to multiple times in the past. He performed a reading on me and mentioned that I have abnormally high Physic energy. I have been to this Physic before and he mentioned the same thing to me. This time I decided to open up to him and tell him about my empathic abilities.

We spoke about my abilities at length and I also told him about how I was able to give ease to people with personal problems. For example, people going through a very emotional abortion or a very broken heart. He mentioned that I might also have a healing ability. He said that it is more common for empathic people to have the ability to heal. As we spoke more about this topic I mentioned to him that even since I was in elementary school I notice I had to ability to concentrate hard on the palms of my hands and was able to raise the temperature. Once the temperature was raised I have the ability to move it across my body by hovering my hands over that body part at about 6-8 inches between. He was very interested in this and our semi annual 45min session lasted about 1hr 45min.

At the end of the session he wanted me to try to further my abilities and asked if I would mind coming back one day when I was ready and try to heal something in his house. This whole healing thing is very new to me and I am still trying to develop and understand my Empathic ability. I am very tempted to go and try it out with his guidance though. Do you thing this is a good idea?

I have also heard that when Physics are together their abilities are heightened which also interested me to go try to heal something at his residence as it should be more successful. He mentioned that when I attempt to develop this ability I should concentrate and think about the energies in the person I am trying to heal. I should try to absorb the bad energies through one hand and allow it to travel across my arm and through my heart and then out through my other hand back into the person. I'm guessing it uses my heart has a purification filter. This kind of concerned me as I don't want any negative or bad energy to say inside of me. He told me that I should be fine and that I just had to pace myself so I don't burn myself out. Does this sound right?

When I thought of this the first thing that came to my mind was that I shouldn't do it in the fashion that he mentioned. I should actually use my heart as the source of positive energy and channel that energy through both arms and hands radiating onto the person I am healing. This way it would force out the sickness. Then again I don't have much experience with this. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you,


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Raenie (2 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-10)
My dear Apollo,
I am also an empath and I have been very focused on this gift for several years. However, I, like you, appear to have a gift for healing. I whole-heartedly support you trying to heal. Healing is a magnificent gift that I feel so blessed to possess. My suggestion is to try to work with someone who knows about your gift already or whom you get particularly strong emotional energy off of and try to use your empathy to "tune in" to whatever pain they might be feeling. Then, if possible, try to alleviate it through (preferably) physical touch. What I do is I drain the pain out of them, through me-picturing the nasty pain energy as one colour and changing it as it passes through. Then I send it back into the other person.
Be careful, though. If you try this with someone to whom you are very emotionally attached, it can be very draining. The first time I healed was actually an accident and, because I was thinking that I wished I could heal my friend, I did. However, I used so much of my own energy trying to do my best to get rid of his pain that I was left very empty and shaky. It took about a week to recover, but I was working with him for an hour after getting little to eat and almost no sleep for several days.
Faith, Hope, and Love,
musicalrose93 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-12)

In some ways I can understand the confusion that you are going through. I was once in the same situation. I must say that I agree with him but only to an extent and nothing more then just that. I am a healer myself and I can tell you that furthering your abilities would actually be more helpful in the future. For me, I found out that I was a healer throughout the years but the one question that popped in my head was should I continue practicing and exploring my ability to heal. After some thinking, I continued. I know in life you have to take risks and this was one of them. I can assure you that you taking this risk in furthering your abilities is something that you might come to appreciate and love in the future.

As for the going to his house and try to heal something, I don't really think its wise for many reasons. Usually when you are healing you are taking the bad energy away. No this will not affect you in anyway at all because of the fact that energy is all around us. The big question is how much good, bad, or any kind of energy is in one area? For me, my house is fill with good energy because my mom purifies the house and its easier for me to heal. Now say if I go to... Idk... A house that was filled with bad energy due to a catastrophic event (i'm just saying at random. Having a brain fart moment. Lol) then it would be a little bit harder for me to heal in the area. It all just depends on the common ground and how much you can take in. My opinion is to not really go to the house because you might not know what kind of energy is in that house let alone anything in general. I'm no scientist, only a teenager, but I still believe that taking the safe route and not going to the house but continue learning and extending your abilities is the right way to go. (:

And one other quick thing - I know I'm talking too much but this might be useful - is that you should meditate. It would help you with your abilities, especially if you want to protect yourself. For protection, I would "make" a shield. I would just imagine that there is a bright white light around my body. Many people (including my aunt) told me that doing this, and asking permission, and washing your hands after healing or anything else (my aunt says if you wash your hands after healing, then the negative energy would wash away) would actually help you and give your abilities a boost. (:
Apollo-s_Priestess (22 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-11)
Don't do it! I don't know why but I sometimes get fellings about the future and while reading this I go a major felling of forboding and FEAR! Please, I have had this felling before about a person and it wasn't even half as bad... It was my boyfriend's grammother. She died shortly after that. I'm not kidding. Please don't do it. My common sense also thinks it sounds wrong in addition to my abilties telling me "NO!" So, again Please don't do it.

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