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I need your "interpretations" of me and my experiences. I am a 20 year old girl, who got the diagnosis ADD and medications this year. It's safe to say that my whole life has been a massive chaos. Now that I am medicated I'm so much calmer and at peace with my self. I see everything so much clearer. I believe I'm an empath, but as I wrote, I would love to hear what you make of me and these stories.

So here it goes:

1. To make this story short, I will try not to babble. All that matters is our basement in my childhood home. My experiences centers around the entrance to the basement and in the basement itself, were we have a bathroom. When I was I child I was always afraid of the basement for no apparent reason. This has followed me through life in a way. You see, I decided that there was nothing to be afraid of, and I could walk down there without any emotional change at all. The thing that trigger my interest is that often when I went downstairs I would suddenly become very very scared for no reason. Sometimes when I used the shower I could suddenly feel that there was someone in the room staring at me, but if course - there where nobody there. The fear of the basement always comes right out of the blue, because I am no longer afraid of the basement in itself. At times it could be so bad that I could feel the "stay away" energy upstairs by the basement entrance. I often had to avoid going near the entrance because the fear was so strong.

This is the only place I have ever felt bad energy or something in a house. I've had the feeling of precense in our family cottage, but it was never associated with fear.

2. When I was 14 I had an experiance at school. Let's say there was 30 students in my class. The tachers made 30 post-it notes with a single word on each, "yes" or "no". Of the 30 student, 5 of them would get post-it notes with the written word "yes", the rest would get the written word "no". And before they had handed out half the post-it notes I knew I would get a "yes" on my post-it noe, and that was exactly what I got.

3. I have a lot of deja - vu's and sometimes dreams that comes true, but I don't know if this is significant? One time I had a deja - vu of me having a deja - vu during a singstar contest with a friend. In the deja - vu I blurted out that I just had a deja - vu, my friend kept singing and I lost. So when I had that deja - vu about me having a deja - vu, I realized that if I didn't blurt this out I could win the song, and I did! For me this means that you change your future with every decision you make.

4. When someone gets hurt, and I either see the accident, see the wound (s), or is being told about wounds, I feel physical pain in the center of my stomach. I can also feel if somebodys hurting inside without them telling me. Like my friend (well, he's more than a friend) of mine who had a rough time and felt really bad, and I could feel his pain. It was so real and strong that even though he never did tell me anything, I just know that he was really sad. I've never had such a strong connection with anybody ever before. It was like there was this bond between us, and it was so real and intense that I could almost touch it. It was like I knew exactly what he was feeling. And I have absolutly no doubts about this experience.

5. I believe that I feel others feelings. Like f.eks. I did something really stupid, and called my dad to tell him about it. I told him not to be angry at me, because I was so depressed about it. Here's the tricky part. He didn't yell at me, he didn't say much more other than it was my responsibility... And afterwards he told my mom that he hadn't been mad/yelling at me on the phone. But I felt his anger, and I have never felt that much anger from him ever before. He gets easily angry, and I know exactly how his anger feels. This time, it was so much more than what is normal.

6. I can kind of see through peoples facades. I know very quick if the person I meet is a person that works well with my personality. I also know if a mean person is just mean, or if there's a good person hiding behind the tough words. F.eks. A friend of a friend always likes to call me things, and is a bit rude, but I feel that she is a good person behind her words and actions. Our mutual friend confirmes this theory of mine.

7. When I walk down a street, and at the same time listen to my ipod, I dissapear into my own world of thoughts. I don't see who, or how many people there is behind me, and I obviously can't here anything. The wierd thing is that I always feel when there is a person walking right behind me/passing me from behind before I see them. It's like I feel that there's something pushing against my back, and I feel the urge to step to the side of the street to let them pass.

8. I can't spot a liar. But I can spot a person who knows more than they tell me, and withdraw information on purpose.

9. I have troubble getting into sleep, so I stay a long time in the middle of sleep and being awake. I imagine that it will be kind of like meditation, where every thoughts just float...? Well... Uhm... In that state of mind I have often heard voices. Not my own, and it's not a dream either. I rarely get a hold of what is being told to me, but it is definetly not my own thoughts. I try to listen in, but it's a bit hard. To me it feels normal, but it is strange to tell others about it.

Sorry, long post! Any thoughs would be very helpful! Thanks:)

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SentinelofRebirth (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-22)

I'm not sure if I you will see this but you are not crazy. I actually happen to be the same age as you, my abilities just kind of popped out of nowhere a few years ago. I've lived on both sides of the fence I was born and raised as a skeptic, and have seen my own skepticism proven wrong. So I can speak on the behalves of both sides.

I would reccomend you do more research into this subject, you will gain many answers to many questions. It sounds to me like you have several developing abilities, this is good it means dormant areas of your brain are waking up, essentially you are using a higher percentage of your mental capacity compared to the average. One thing I have discovered is we are not "special" anyone can possess such abilities through practice. People like you and me don't have to, for some of us we are born using more of our brain, for others it's a survival adaptation a change in your brain chemistry in life to survive ones surroundings. Many people who have always had chaotic lives often experience this change.

My ability kicked me at 18, I went from believing that psychics were a bunch of scamming carnies to being one. I am a clairsentient also known as an empath, I also have a sub ability, it's very similar to Allan Quartermains ability in the movie " the league of extraordinary gentlemen" I could never shoot a black powder rifle with pinpoint accuracy but I've always been dangerously accurate with any firearm, actually with almost any projectile. My senses are slightly more a cute than your average joe, my hearing is superb, my footfalls are nearly silent, my coordination matches that of a professional athlete, and my reflexes are 2 times faster than a cat. I am not a professional athlete, nor do I hunt yet I can subconsciously track an animal miles away just on instinct.

Sounds far fetched, I know, I thought I was crazy until I did my homework, turns out its common to have more than one ability.

Practice your abilities, you can not get rid of them so don't waste your time fighting it, and denial will only mentally deteriorate you. Sometimes they are a curse, that is because they are premature and spontaneous still, over time you will learn to control them. Then they start to become of gift rather than a curse. Once again I don't expect anyone to believe this, the only reason I do is because it haunts m everyday life.
selinasmoon (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-30)
Naida- that's a beautiful name, by the way!

I don't know how long you have been taking your new meds for ADD, but at 20 your brain still reacts differently to meds than say-a 25 year-old. You are dealing with a condition where there are some misfirings in your frontal lobe [brain]. It affects your sleep, thought patterns, and you know the rest. My suggestion would be to do some serious research on reported affects of your new meds within your age group, and your condition, before taking any of your experiences as solid. Your brain will "gel" at around age 25-30. You will react differently to meds at that time, and by then you will have a strong sense of self and know who you are.

If your life has been chaos, don't look for more. I say that with the greatest respect, because I know how confusing and exciting the early 20's can be. It is in my opinion every human being has extrasensory abilities, whether they accept it or not. Think of it this way: if we could not pick up on emotions, we could not communicate with each other, raise children, ect. If we couldn't pick up on vibes, we wouldn't be able to sense danger, or win a million dollars on the gameshow Survivor. LOL It is simply a beautiful part of who you are- nothing spooky about it. ❤ Embrace it, pay close attention to your instincts, and TRUST your gut feelings because it could save your life. God, to be 20 again! (sigh) Have fun while you can!

Peace and love...
ghostgirl3512 (6 stories) (298 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-14)
Ok, I'm going to go through my opinions one by one.

1. This could just be because most children are afraid of the basement and the feeling will sometimes come back to you in flashes. But, then again, it could be something diffrent.

2. You could have something known as "immediate relization" which is knowing a split second before it happens. Some people even hear the phone ring (when no one else does) a second before it does ring.

3. Everyone has the ability to change their future, while still remanining on Fate's path. Deja-vu can be considered crediable when it happens out of nowhere in a place you've never been, a person you've never seen, etc...

4. AS for your friend, it could just be becasue that you are so close to him. It could also be because you knew him in a past life, or even as far gone as saying he's your soul mate, or your spirit guide come to you in human form.

5. I'd suggest asking your dad, in person, to tell you how he really feels about it and calmly explain the situation. Maybe he didn't want his daughter to be like this. Who knows? Maybe he's one too and never wanted you to develope this power.

6. This ability can come in handy when it comes to meeting new people. It's probaly your way of getting aura's. For example, my friend gets colors (colors mean diffrent things) and I get smells. (based on which I can tell if there sweet, bitter, disgusting...)

7. This is probally due to the fact that we all have a "bubble" It's like our personal space. Some people (me included) can feel when people are in their "bubble" even if they can't see or hear the person.

8. I can do this too. For me, I can't tell if your lying if it dosen't matter (like, "I did not take your cookie" when you really did) or HUGE and deatiled lies like ("I've been alive since 1645, becasue I'm a god)

9. You could be remote viewing. Do you ever have a distinct place in mind? If not, then it could be spirits that you just can't hear yet. I'd suggest trying to talk to them while satying in that state of mine, or ttying to focus on ONE voice.

Hope this helps!
-Lolli ❤
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
Ok naida, I just wanted to say that I experience most of the same things as you, so don't feel like you're alone ^^
naida (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-12)
Sorry for extremly long text! I can't stop writing when I write about things that really interests me. I should have taken one topic at the time.

But as I said, I would be grateful for any thoughts you may have! Thanks! 😁

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