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My name is Julia and I am 13 years old. I have known about my psychic abilities since the age of 12 and a lot has happened since then. My grandmother is also psychic, she told me about my guides and their names (an American Indian, my dad and a few more) I am having trouble with contacting my guides, I have tried meditation, talking in my head and out loud and automatic writing. I get an answer when I talk to them in my head, but it is not very strong and I can't decide whether it is them talking to me or me making it up.

There is a strange light in the corner of my bedroom at night, the corner is not facing the window, and there is nothing that gives off light, could this be my guides? I have also seen it move around a few times.

I can also see auras, but not in colour, I practice sometimes by looking in the mirror, and I see my teachers' auras quite often. Will I ever be able to see the colour? I have seen the colour of someone's aura briefly but I haven't seen any other colours since then, is there an easy way to see colours? And do the colours change according to your mood?

Do you have any tips on contacting spirit guides and getting strong answers?

Thanks very much for your help

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HaVeN (guest)
14 years ago (2010-07-02)
YOu will see in color. Did you know my aura always always have white beams comeing out of my heart. Also around my heads I have a white and purple circle. Around my face there is a white aura shaped as a wolf. My totem animal. Also if you need some tips in aura reading email me at
Peace1546123 [at]
P.S. What do the white beams comeing out of my heart mean and why do I have a circle around my head?
psychickid19 (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-17)
I have been developing these same things for about 7 months. I see auras but without colors (how boring!) and talk to my guide in my head. It is very hard to discern between if a guide is really talking to you or if it's your own wishful mind chatter. Usually I notice if my guide (her name is Miranda) is speaking to me by her saying "you statements". Like if I ask for advice to do something, she could say "you need to... You should." It's hard for me right now to make any kind of long conversation with her so I start by just asking short questions for a minimal reply. There is a great book that I have read it is called "Contacting your Guides" by Sonia Choquette. Sonia is a talented, safe, and down to earth psychic. You can buy her book anywhere but I would suggest
This is a journey that I am on and it's a beautiful thing. Thank god we are starting with this young! If you want, keep posting to tell us about your progress!

Good Luck!:)
Rain (4 stories) (191 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-17)
Hello, I started seeing aura two years ago. I practiced on my teachers as well.

I can see in color, now, but still not too clearly. Give it time, and keep practicing, you WILL see it in color. The change will be slow, but it will be there.

I think it's easier to see aura if you slow your breathing. Also, it helps me to focus on my eye chakra.

I still haven't been able to contact my spirit guide yet either, but hope to someday.

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