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Voices And Coma


Only 5 years ago, I started hearing voices. Since then, I have given them names. Kinara, Hozaru, Kizute, and Neru. I can see glimpses of them all the time and they help me with my life. I met Neru first, he's a lazy gray dragon with two wings and two feet, no arms. Kinara is a fox anthro I think, she has a fluffy black tail and ears. Kizute is always negative and she's a black panther anthro and Kinara's sister. Hozaru is a good looking sandy wolf anthro that both me and Kinara like. But lately, I've also been not dreaming, instead I'm seeing myself in a coma. I'm in a Texas hospital. I've seen my mom there, my brother and his wife, and plenty of my family. My dad lives in IL with me at the moment and my mom lives in Texas. In a year I'm moving to Texas for college and getting a truck. When I'm seeing my coma, the doctors told my mom and dad that I had a car accident and that the truck is unrepairable. I saw my mom cry and I saw my niece, who is only a year old at the moment, walk up to my bed. My mom told coma me that my horse was fine... And I don't have a horse. I'm always confused. Plus, when I do dream it's odd, but that's for another time when I've gotten to the end of said dream.

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HaruNoTsuki (guest)
13 years ago (2010-07-28)
wow, the spirit animal sound strange. And I think you are dreaming the future maybe. A precognitive dream. Maybe you should ask the animals. They might know. And, I was wondering, are the names japanese?

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