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Is My Deceased Friend Watching Over Me?


It all started in 2007, about March/April. I started having bad feelings, for example, I had to check few times if the doors were closed at night, or that everything is turned off etc. My Granny was staying for a month at our house (I live in Ireland, though I'm from Poland) then, and we were supposed to go to Poland for my sister's communion with her. As it was closer to the date, I started feeling even worse. And finally, the day before my sister's communion (I was already in Poland), my dad asked if we could go to take some photos in a nice area, about 20km from the town that I was staying in. And right that second he said that, I got a strange feeling, like something told me not to go there, because we'll have an accident. So I told my dad to go on the other direction. The next day, after we came back from my sister's communion party, there was a fire at the house where we lived. After that, the feeling stopped.

Then, in Winter 2007 my parents bought a new car. As they were going back home (it was late in the evening, about 11pm-12am.) I got a feeling, like something bad is going to happen. They came back home about an hour later. The next day when I got out of bed I've heard, that a drunk guy drove into the new car my parents bought. Fortunately, my parents weren't in the car at that time.

Later, in February 2009 I started having bad feelings, I couldn't sleep and I had to check, again, if everything is closed and turned off and I also had problems concentrating. Five days after that I got a message, that my Great Granddad had died.

Lately quite a lot has been happening. In April, I had the same feelings and problems with concentration (I remember it quite good, because I had to do my Biology notes for the next week and I just couldn't do it because of it), and then, I got that message, that the plane with the President of Poland had crashed in Russia.

Few weeks later, my mum was going to Poland, and I told her, that I have the same feeling that I had in April and that something was definitely happening. I scared her a little, because she was supposed to go by the plane then. When she came back, she told me that I was right. My Grandma found out that she has a cancer.

My most recent happening is the one from last week. My parents both went to Poland, because they had some business to do there. I stayed home with my older brother and younger sister. Two days before they were supposed to go, I got a feeling, but this time it was very clear, something like a vision. I've nearly heard myself saying "The plane is going to crash". The next day the feeling got stronger. I also got a feeling, like it's going to be something concerning my sister, so I decided to walk to school and to collect her from school the next day. They left and I went to bed (it was about 2am, I didn't want to go to bed before they would leave). I got up at about 5am, with that same feeling. Somehow I fell asleep and when I got up the next time, everything seemed perfect. I went downstairs and noticed that my sister is awake. It was 7am. She was doing something with sugary letters the last day and my brother destroyed it, because he thought she won't mind (she made some sentences or something). She saw that it's not the way it was left, and she wrote a note, to my brother, saying "David* you are dead". And I've read it "Daniel* is already dead". Daniel* is my uncle. So, then I realized, that it's not my sister, that was supposed to be affected, but my uncle. I've put everything together, that plane 'vision' (my uncle works at the airport), the feeling about my sister (my uncle is her godfather), and that sentence (that I've misread was about my uncle). Also, I got a chain message from a friend the day before, saying: RIP to all the people that died in the army this year (...). My uncle is a guard at the airport.

My mum finally called, and said that they landed and everything is fine. And I started crying over the phone, saying it will affect my uncle. And when they came back on Sunday, she told me, that literally 2 seconds after I hang up the phone, my uncle approached her and said, that his father-in-law had a car crash. As well as that, she told me, that the plane was late, because of some defect that was spotted just as the plane started to wheel and due to that, they had to wait 2hours for it to be fixed. It they didn't spot it, the plane would probably have gone down while in the air.

So, these are just a few of them, I had a lot of them before. The most recent seems to be the strongest one and I'm a little bit scared now. Some people that I've told that to them think that I'm going crazy. The only person who truly believes me is my best friend, I'm not sure if my mum even believes me anymore.

I also noticed, that it all started happening after my friend (we used to be best friends in 2nd grade, primary school, before she moved to another city) committed suicide in February 2007. We were 13 years old then (now I'm 16), and I found out about her a month after her death. I'm not sure, if these two cases are connected to each other, but I have a feeling, like they may. To add even more, I sometimes have feelings, like there is somebody in the house, even when I'm alone. And last year, in Autumn I had a dream about her. She was sitting on a rock and she was silent and looked sad. After that dream, I had a breakdown for about 8-9months.

So, what do you think about it? I know, it sounds crazy, but I also know that I am not crazy. And I am worried right now, because I'm aware that I'm unable to help those who are going to be affected, and that people who know me, would think that there is something really really wrong with me.

Is it possible that my deceased friend is somehow letting me know about all those things? I'd really appreciate any advice or ideas.

*I changed the names of my brother and uncle, though their real names are similar, just like these two are.


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NikkiCharitye (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-23)
This is so odd. When I was 13 my best friend moved away to another city and commited suicide. Like you, I didn't find out until about a month and a half later. I'm now sixteen, and ever since, I have been able to sense things before they happen just like you. Last december, before christmas, another one of my friends passed away in a car accident and I have been able to do more abnormal things and get visions a lot more than when I used to as a child. I never actually thought about the connection between these deaths and my "abilities" though. I can say with confidence it quite possibly could be I suppose. Strange.
HaruNoTsuki (guest)
14 years ago (2010-08-05)
you are not crazy, I assure you. I think you may have the precognition ability. To predict the future. I see you have trouble though talking to people about this. I'm glad your friend is their to listen. I hope I helped a bit, I don't know much about the spiritual world. Good luck with everything!

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