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The Past, And The Future


I have been having a dream for the last year or so, related to this war everyone is speaking of, but I think it's more related to what once was.

In this dream, I'm sitting in a field. It's nice out, and as I lay back in the grass the sun begins to warm my face. I fall into an addictive state of pure bliss as the smell of wildflowers- wild everything reaches my nose, and the sounds of the young animals playing and the soothing brook reach my ears. The air tastes clean and pure, and the world is an array of stunning colors. There is nothing but earth.

But then there's a blur of darkness. I run from it, and it follows. I enter the forest, hoping to escape within its protection. But then even the forest turns on me. The roots lift up to trip me, the branches hit my face and it suddenly all looks the same. I am lost. The happy waters of the brook turn dark and dangerous, but I continue running from the blur. Sometimes it takes shape- a person at times. Sometimes it's someone I know. Other times it someone I have never met yet, but I get the feeling I might, one day. But most often it is unrecognizable and hideous. Then in the dream, I usually trip on something, but I wake up before the blur reaches me.

I think the dream is somehow related to both the past and the future. I believe that in the past, the animals didn't run from us (maybe, once upon a time, bears were just as friendly as children's teddy bears), and that we were at peace with the world. And that through our actions, we have upset the earth, and in a way it HAS turned on us. I think that the blur, at least to some extent, represents human greed. There might be something else there, but that's the strongest thing I feel. Human greed has extended over the years. Always wanting more. More natural gasoline, more dead trees to build more buildings, more places to expand to. And the whole time, the result has been destruction. And people have become incapable of living without it. But I think we are capable of living as our ancestors did. Lets face it, the Native American Indians had it right. Kill only the animals you need to survive, and use everything you can, so that you do not have to kill more. Give back to and respect the earth as a separate and individual being. Its something I am drawn to.

I think that, if we really wanted to, we could go back to that, But I think there will always be that dark blur, because there has to be a balance. Which is why when people speak of the war that is coming, I prefer to remain neutral. There is most definitely change coming, there's no doubt about that. But as the great thinkers say, the world will always right itself. I see no need to pick a side. But I do not criticize those who have. In fact, I think it's necessary. There will be opposing sides, and there will be neutrality.

Blessed be,


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Crazy_banana_pirates17 (2 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-12)
But there are those that do not agree. It is not for us to pass judgement.
MidnightBlueSwan (8 stories) (134 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-09)
The time for change has ended. We have given you the time you need to change your ways, yet you continue to walk down the road of corruption and pollution. We will take matters into our own hands from now on... No mercy for those who have hurt the Earth. And no mercy for the heretics, traitors, and non-believers. And definately no mercy for those who stand in our way! We shall restore serenity and peace on Earth by taking out the pests who claim Earth as something you can own. Earth is it's own being, with feelings and a soul. But you have ceased to believe in that decades ago. Now you all shall pay the penalty for hurting a very precious life.

~The time for change has passed

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