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From A Very Early Age I Saw Ghosts & Spirits


My name is Leanne and from a very early age I saw ghosts & spirits

They would come to me at night and stand in my room, I had a dark figure of a man (shadow ghost) by my doorway behind my head, an old lady (shadow ghost) by my window and a little boy next to my toy box with his head in his knees crying (also a shadow ghost)

They were there every night, I was very scared I would try to scream but nothing came out. This is why I wet my bed because I was too scared to walk passed them. But one night I did scream & the man walked closer to me & bent down over me which was when they vanished because my mum walked in the room. From then on I was allowed to leave the toilet light on... Still do have a night light! He followed me were ever I slept, when I had sleep over's, only him though. The others stayed in that room, my old room. I live with my husband now, have done for 15 years I have felt a lot of presence & my son tells me who is there.

I have been seeing things I can't explain for years, waking up to find sparkles of light floating above my bed from side to side, one night I woke my hubby up & said look can you see it... And finally he did, he got up out the bed, we both did & this thing floated above are heads, we were waving are hands through it. Then it moved slowly moving directions around my wardrobe door & disappeared into the loft, it was amazing I didn't feel scared I was only curious but my hubby was freaked out:o) I've also seen spirits of spiders spinning webs above my bed, a big black spider the size of my hand, which was next to me on the wall in bed, when it realized I was awake it scurried on thin air across my curtain pole, wardrobes & vanished in the same corner of the loft, I've seen a black scorpion and I saw a red scorpion last night. I want to know what I am seeing lol, I know I'm not imaging it because my hubby has seen it too & my son who is 4.

My son sees two men, one is called the magic man (who is bad) and he disappears through walls & one is good, the good one is the man who was hurt by the magic man, the good man showed my son this house when the wallpaper was different & there was telephones (my sons never seen an old fashion telephone, he told us the colour too) that telephone is in our loft, it's been there since we moved in (he's never seen it) anyway, the magic man hit the good man on the head and there was lots of blood (my son told me that the front door was in a different place then (the porch was built before the owner died) when we were decorating we notice that the porch looked like it was a rushed job we also saw blood on the wall, my hubby said someone must of had a nose bleed. My son says this magic man doesn't like me & tries to push me down the stairs & waves his fist at me, but disappears when the good man comes. The magic man floats over my bed when I'm asleep & lies next to my son & pulls his blankets off, which kind of gives me the chills, the magic man also shouts in my kids faces when they listen to toys that play music. While playing with my baby in the living room, my daughter was following something around the room over my shoulder, quick thinking I grabbed my mobile phone & took a picture, as I took the picture I seen a black shadowy blob in the corner of my eye move from behind me, I looked at the picture I took, grabby my baby & ran out the house! I took a picture of a solid shadowy big blob in front of my wall unit.

Thanks for your time x

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RainCloudanzer (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-31)
I've seen spirits since I was really little. I still see some of them as clearly as I see regular people. I suspect that they can control who sees them & who doesn't. I also realize that some people just don't see them either because they don't believe or something. Sometimes I don't see them I just feel their presence. Lately it seems like certain ones are trying to harm me and other family members too. My oldest daughter is 12 and has seen one of the ones I've seen. We think he's evil. I'm currently trying to find ways to banish unwanted spirits 😢 (ones I believe are harming us). If any of you know how to do this please let me know!
Rashidah (guest)
14 years ago (2010-09-26)
Thanks for your email.
I have reread this story three times.

You are a medium. Please do not fear ghosts. Some may want you to help them cross over to the light. 😐

The sparkle of lights are orbs and the spiders are astral spiders. Please refer to my stories Psychic Attacks 2 and 3. Also there is a story by psychicjim called ethereal spiders. It is one of my favorite stories. The only thing I know of scorpions is that they are a bad sign. Either that or you have a bug problem.

The magic man needs to get out of your home. Do a search on the history of your home to see if anyone might of died there tragically.
I sense some souls might be trapped there with unresolved issues.
tweetypie22 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-09)
I forgot to mention my son got mixed up, my son is 4yrs old he added ben10 an a few other cartoon storylines in on the story haha apparantly the good man (my friends dad) told me he had tried to get my son to tell me that he wants my help... BecauseI was blocking him out, there is a bad man and he wad killed some how and he is in my house but I don't know anyother details all I know is he doesn't like me... And that scares me! Kids eh?
tweetypie22 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-09)
Hi thank you soo much, I did help the good man
He turned out to be my friends dad, he came to me in a dream an asked me to pass on a message I also told her things I'd seen in the dream that were around him that I didn't think have any meaning... But they did they were very much personal, that only she an her dad would kno. I've also recently found out that the spiders I've been seeing are astral spiders so that brings me comfort that I'm not going nuts!
I'm thinking of becoming a medium, do you think I have the ability to be one? I'm a bit scared the thought of seeing the ghosts more formally when they need help... I don't kno how to handle them! But I'm more curious and intrigued too!
Thank you for your kind advise
I remember when I was doing the dishes one evening, I was washing a spoon and in the reflection of the spoon I saw myself and over my shoulder I saw my husband wearing funny old clothes I turned round and said what on earth are you wearing and too my astonishment there was no-one there, my husband was still at work and the kitchen door was closed! I think it was his grandad.
I wish I can see more and do more, I find it so interesting should it just come natural or do I have to go to medium school... If there is such a thing!
Thank you for your time and kindness
Lea x
trueckl (6 stories) (16 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
It sounds like you and your family share a very strong gift. My daughter too sees spirits and much like when you were young, she is very fearful of them. She doesn't see them in the fashion that you did/do, she actually sees them materialize in her minds eye. I am currently looking for a way to make it that she's not so fearful of what she sees. Cautious, but not fearful. I have tried explaining to her that they are most likely going to her because they know she can see them and they are looking for her help. I am thinking that this is why you are seeing them also, though I don't know for sure because I don't see physical entities, I just see the shadows out of the corners of my eyes and can feel what they are. For example: I see them many times when I am relaxing at night in my chair but only a flash out the corner of my eye. I have also seen a tall man out the corner of my eye while I am doing dishes. It was so vivid that I thought my husband was standing there waiting for me to talk to him. Of course, when I looked up to see what he wanted, no one was there. Perhaps you can rectify the situation by helping the good man.

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