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I'm 20 years old now and have been seeing ghosts for 4 years. The first time I saw a ghost I was sleeping at my grandparents house in a room by myself, with all of my dead great grandparents belongings including their bed which I was trying to sleep in. I had my eyes closed when I felt the bed start to move or vibrate, I looked at the foot of the bed and there stood my great grandfather... He didn't say anything and he looked as though he were any other living human but he was much taller than he was in real life and it seemed as if he was floating above the ground. A couple nights later the bed shook again and I saw my great grandmother, once again she didn't say anything just looked at me and she also seemed to be floating. On both of these occasions I closed my eyes and when I opened them back up they were gone.

A couple months after this I spent the night with my grandparents again in the same room and saw a soldier with an outfit that I know believe was from WWII. He didn't say anything either and when I closed my eyes and opened them back up he was gone... I later found out from my grandparents that I had a great uncle that died in WWII and that his guitar was in the room I was sleeping in when this happened.

Then when I was in my room at my own house I saw 3 black hooded figures that were slowly coming towards me, I turned on the light and they disappeared... I went into my mom's room to sleep with her and a little while after she turned the lights off I saw them again coming towards me (my mother didn't see anything). Then a white orb flew towards me and I immediately felt calmer and more relaxed, I began asking in my head if this was my great grandma or grandpa, then asked if it was my grandma hinson (who had just recently passed away) and it flew around my head 3 times and hit the black figures and they were all gone, I never saw anything like that again.

Now my family has moved into my grandparents house and my room is the one that I first saw my great grandparents as ghosts. I have seen a lot of stuff and heard and felt things. I went to a psychic one time and she told me I was a medium and that this was a gift from god. My sister now also sees ghosts from time to time, she also started seeing them when she was about 16. My cousin has also recently seen a few things and she's 17. My grandmother found an article about her great aunt that was considered to be a fortune teller and I wonder if that's why we all see stuff... If it's passed down. And I also just recently found out that another one of my cousins (from the same blood as this fortune teller) has imaginary friends, yes I know a lot of people say kids just do that but I think she might actually see these people. I would really appreciate any comments on this, I'm not sure where else to go about this.

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cnp21 (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-24)
thank you so much for the comment... I will look into those websites and I hope to understand this more.
paulrhuges (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-18)
Fear not; you are not only normal, but have a great gift; that depending on how you use it and apply it to your life-- you have great opportunity for spiritual development and helping others. Just keep in mind that there are many many differing opinions and beliefs regarding such experiences in the paranormal world, science and religion. It's now your job to learn as much as you can and find what fits best for you. If I may, I'd like to recommend some reading to you?

**Look at Erin Pavlin's site. In her blog and articles she offers a lot of advice to connect with your spirit guides who will bring you much guidance and comfort:

**Look at all the 'Spiritualist and Spiritist' e-books you can find. They are some of the best "trainers" and providers of mediumistic information.

In your web searches look for keyword, "Transcommunication"

I also highly recommend this site, and the links you'll find here. It's a fantastic jumping off point for those looking into mediumship and the spirit world.

Like the rest of us, it's a long journey. We just have to trust in the light, and know we are not alone. -- Good luck!

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