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Should I Pursue This?


I am new to this site (I know, it's shocking) and I've realized that I am an empath. I can also see auras, hear voices and muffled noises, and feel ghosts' presences. My abilities are very weak though. I'm not sure how significant these abilities are so I'll give you some examples and have you decide.

My first experience was the first time I saw an aura. I was on my computer researching auras and aura seeing and it told me to just stop focusing my eyes and look for a light surrounding the object I was looking at. I immediately looked over at my friend and saw a huge white aura around her. I've been practicing and have been able to see many colors. My only problem is that it takes me a while to see them. I can't seem to see them quickly.

My second and third experiences was when I was trying to contact my spirit guide (which I still can't do...) and I asked "Where are you?". I heard "I'm here"in response. It seemed to come from a little girl. The thought of a young redhead girl came to mind afterward.

On another night I was lying in bed, unable to sleep, and I whined to myself "I can't sleep..." In response I heard "Why don't you talk to me?" The voice was soft and sounded like the little girl. It also, like the other times I've heard noises, didn't make a sound like when you're talking to someone tangible, but sounded in my mind. Does that make sense?

As for feeling presences, I can feel then constantly when I'm in my room, unless I tune them out with music. The music gives a kind of barrier. Instead of feeling the presence, I feel the life in the music. But, when I go to bed it quiet. Every night I can feel someone in my room and I'm not sure of his intention, but it doesn't seem bad, I'm just afraid. I know its a man because I've seen their face before. One night when he was near my bed I closed my eyes and saw a man. He was old and bearded. Maybe I'm wrong and that was just a random vision. I really don't know.

Anyways, those are some of my experiences. I'd like to hear what you think. Are these abilities worth pursuing? If so, how do I improve?

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Eric-Baal (1 stories) (255 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-26)
Dont really have much to comment on this story. Just wanted to let you know. When you feel something, like someone or something is looking at you, and you feel a presense. It usually means something is next to you in Verse (spirit world) Usually in your situation its just a lost soul that got attacthed to your house. It was probably that old mans house and when he passed away he was still attached to it. Maybe he felt the need to protect it.

He can't see you but he can surely feel your energy... Your presense. So he is just making sure your taking care of his house.
Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-26)
I'm glad I got to you first. (Laugh) You have the qualities of a medium it sounds like. Not to long ago, when I was doing research about spirit guides, I read 2 stories about people who began to learn to talk to spirit guides. They are completely unrelated yet their stories are nearly the same. Their spirit guides became like best friends and they learned to communicate with them very strongly. In one case, the lady desired that her spirit guides go away and leave her alone. Her slirit guides began to control every area of her life. When she asked them to go they ignored her then turned on her. She nearly went crazy because the spirit guides would never let her sleep. She is a Christian now and has gotten a lot better but they still bother her often. The second case is about a man. Basicaly the same story. His spirit guides turned on him after he began to study Christianity, though they never bothered him when he studied any other religion.

On google, type in "Christian spirit guide". You can go read the stories yourself if you so choose. Just keep this in mind, once you open the door to the spiritual world, it never closes.

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