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The Spirit Of My Dead Dog Came To Me


Things started to happen when I was ten and a half. My first real experience was with my dog, this just happened today and I found my ability I can feel the energy of ghosts. I was trying to talk to my puppy, and all of a sudden I felt her right next to me on the chair. I couldn't see her physically but in the pit of my stomach I knew it was her. When she came I got a prickly feeling at my side and it got colder. I talked to her and she listened, and as I was telling her good-bye I felt her presence leave me completely, then I felt a strong energy pulling me to her grave. When I touched to rock on the grave all my sadness and regrets disappeared with her. I think I let her go and helped her move on but I don't know. Even before this she entered my dreams frequently like maybe 3 times a week.

My mom can make Premonition's through her dreams and my grandma on my dad's side zoned out sometimes and then act all weird after. I messed around with ghost's as a kid but I thought I just an over active imagination, but this stuff is getting more real as I get older.

I want to learn to enhance this gift and use it to help people and animals move on to a better afterlife. Please give me some advice on how to use this gift I need it.

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