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Knowing Something Bad Has Happened And Strange Dream States


I've always felt that I can sense things other people cannot like feeling that a place is bad or there is someone watching me. When I was 13 I was in the shower and I had a feeling as if the breath had been taken out of me and my whole body tingled then my friend's face popped into my head and at first I felt sad and scared but it was immediately followed by a sense of peace. About 45 minutes after my shower, my parents came into my room to tell me that my friend had died (the same friend that I saw and felt). A few years later I had a similar experience with my great-grandmother but this time I was asleep and I had a dream that she had died and I was telling her to rest in peace. I woke up in a panic and looked at the clock and brushed it off and went back to bed. When I woke I was told that my great-grandmother had died and it had happened right around the time that I awoke in a panic. The same thing has happened with at least 2 more people in my life and I get the same feeling I got the first time and I just know. Even though the feeling ends with a sense of peace, I immediately get anxious and nervous because of what it had meant before. I am really scared of this and sometimes wish I didn't get it because I don't want to know about bad things happening to people. Aside from this there have also been times where I know someone is not going to die. For example there was a time when my great-grandfather was in the hospital and the doctors asked that all the family come to say our goodbyes, I was so scared, but when I walked in the room, even though he was on a machine to help him breathe and clinging to life I just knew he wasn't going to die and I kept trying to tell people that he was going to be ok but they just thought I was in denial. The next day he made a full recovery that even the doctors couldn't believe.

I also sense that there are spirits around me sometimes but I am so scared of them so I just say "please go away" sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Another strange thing I experience is that I have these almost half dream half awake experiences where I can have incredible intuition or actually talk to people who have died. I never see the people in reality, I see them in a dream like state and I don't hear them like I would hear a living person but as if they were talking to me me in a dream but I'm still awake. I get freaked out and try to forget about it and distract myself but the last time it occured I decided to confront it and see what happened. While in this state I spoke to someone I know who had died. I asked them questions and they gave me answers. They even showed me images or people and past experiences from their life. I spoke to that person's grandson about it and I was worried that he would think I was crazy but instead he immediately started crying because he said everything I had said was right and exactly like his grandfather. I really don't know why all this happens to me and I've always felt like I was the only one. I'd like clarification on this and recently I have been more curious since I have began seeing things I cannot explain like floating balls of light and images that appear to be a human but when I look twice it isn't there. Please help me explain what all this means and how I can either stop it or make peace with it. Sometimes I worry that I'm crazy but other times I feel that it could be something much more.

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blackdragon (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-18)
I didn't write it to scare you just to let you know what's coming so that you may have a chance to fight it
NaturalScience (229 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-17)
Coolgrl17, I don't know why Blackdragon wrote such scary things to you, it seems to me out of proportion, and also out of connection to what you experienced. Don't let those words get you into panic. To me you just sense the souls of people who are dying, or just have died, and you have some feeling for who will survive and who will die in serious disease. If the latter gift is marked in you (i.e. If you had such correct premonitions several times) perhaps medical career would be good for you, that don't only mean to be a doctor, nurses and physiotherapists too can make use of it. Do you know "The Medicus" of Noah Gordon? It is just a fictitious story but the gift which its hero has, to feel whether the Qi of a person has run out so he/she dies soon or not, is a reality in some people. As to sensing souls of recently deceased ones, my grand-auntie would only say "this has been given to you in order to make you pray for them, and in order to show you that Death is not the end." I'd know nothing wiser to say to that.
blackdragon (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-16)
Wow Your just like me beware of the demon he comes to people like us and kills us the dream your having means he's coming for you now the next thing I'm going to tell you mite scare you alittle but please listen to me or your life will be in danger don't wish for anything when you have those dreams or it will be taken out of context and cause great pain or even death to the people around you contact my email sota_demon12345 [at] if you want to know about it

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