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My name is Phil. I'm 13 and I know that I'm an empath. But, I don't fully understand it. So here is my story.

Ever since I was 4, I was over sentimental. I was a child so I ignored it. But as time went on, I started to question if those emotions, were mine or not. I also knew of events that happen moments before it actually takes place. This first happened when I just turned 5. Then, my gifts kept growing from there. One day, my brother, who is now 15, and was 6 going on 7, was playing on his bike outside with his friend. They were down to road and we couldn't hear them. Then, suddenly, I felt a tingle all over my face and a my brother came to mind. I told my mom that I thought something happened, but she assured me it was my imagination. Then we heard banging on the door, and loud crying. My mom opened the door, and my brother's friend was standing there traumatized. My mom looked passed him and my brother's face was bloody and gross. He was wailing like crazy and he ran into the house with my mother and she took out all her first-aid kit tools. I couldn't believe it. What I felt just happened as my brother cut his face. I thought it was nothing and quickly forgot about it.

Over the next few years my emotions were influenced by people around me. Happy schoolmates, stressed teachers, negative students, angry parents etc. Then when I was 10, something happened again. A medical patient of my mother (my mom's a nurse) brought her daughter to our house. They were both pretty annoying and I was the only one who sensed something as soon as they walked through our house door. I picked up a feelings that translated into my head from the mother. Money leech,liar,mooch, and pig. Her daughter was the same way. I brushed it off thinking it was me being judgmental but after 2 months, those little feelings, were a real part of the two. I was right all along. We haven't heard from them in 3 years and they are probably mooching off of another family.

The same year on a morning in June, I woke up and despite having a great party the night before, I felt like I was empty and I couldn't feel anything. I then blacked out. Then later that day I learned that my aunt died of cancer. I cried and remembered what I felt. And I continue to wonder if that's how it feels to die.

Then I kept feeling what my friends were feeling. All this emotion bottled up in me is like a volcano trying not to go boom. The slightest nudge could make me crack and explode. And I almost did when I was 12. In the middle school, everything revolved around drama. You know, romance. My friend's crush seduced my other friend into asking her out. The 2 were happy except the secret admirer friend. He was in ruin. He shut himself out to everything. I had to sit next to him in every class and all his negative emotion was unbearable and seeped into me. I couldn't stand it. I almost exploded in the middle of class. I held it in long enough and ran from him as fast as I could after class.

After that my reflexes started improving faster than average. When something's about to fall, I sense a certain spot, put my hand there and the item plops into my hand. The most recent event was just now on 8/24/10. I was sitting on the couch watching youtube when a flash picture comes to my head, a black hammer head. I go to the basement to turn off the water and I see 4 light bulbs on the ground crushed as if they were smashed and less than a foot away was a black hammer. That was the last straw. I had to find people like me to relate with me and who feel what I feel and sense what I sense and know what I know. I have to better understand my gifts and use them to benefit those I care about.


~Sky or bluesky13

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AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-23)
Phil, I'm glad you found this site. I hope you are practicing your shielding techniques. Its essential to live a relative sane life as an empath. Thanks for sharing your experiences and remember to listen to those gut instincts and feelings. They will help you later in life not to be scammed and taken advantage of. I limit my empathetic connections to people I love or have daily contact with because I can't really warn others even if I get tha feeling. Plus its too much work to shake off their negative thoughts and emotions.

Have you ever had the experience when you are having a great day and then meet someone who is not? They go away happy and you are down in the dumps?

I view it as an empathetic transfer of good happy energy. Annoy but you can reconnect and gain the happy vibe again.

Peace, light and love

A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-15)
Sky (love that name) ~
You are very sensitive to emotion, like me. Things started to become more obvious when I was 13 as well. Visions are common for me now, Past Present, and Future. If you find that you're able to talk to spirits it may help. In the meantime, stick to this website.
I know it can be hard to deal with, all the emotions at once, and distracting if you hear the peoples' thoughts and intentions. Use music or reading to clear your head.
You seem to be progressing as I am, so keep me posted. I want to help. If you start Seeing bad things and they happen, I apologize. Keep a record of those and you might see a pattern there.
You seem to be perceptive to everyone. I hope you can speak with ghosts. You also may be clarivoyant, because of the hammer thing. I hope you don't start watching people have bad things happen to them.
Hope this helps
dove_girl (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-14)
Wow! Your story is really inspiring!
Personally, I always wonder about all the people who seem really great on the outside but have alterior motives... It's really really hard making good friends or meeting truly good people. Do you find this to be true also? It's wonderful that you have such an amazing gift! Good luck with it!:) -Anna
LungGomPa (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-11)
It is right that you use the words, know, sense, I would caution you against trusting feel, though. Unreliable system, at best. Right in the same category as believe, in my humble opinion.
I choose to focus on the results of using
Controllable systems, and all our separate systems can be controlled, for, if I do not fully know myself and trust my systems completely, perhaps something, or some other entity is controlling them. I ask kyself what is this for? Why do I have it? How can I use it? Anything else doesn't matter to me, but the answers to those questions led me to a rather unexpected result. I met creator. It took seversal years of learning to discard what I felt and believed, as they were hindering the truth when it was presented to me. Ai demanded truth from the universe, and found the multiverse. Read my other posts to get a idea of what I'm saying. The focus for me is not the fact that I'm different, or I need to understand all of it, but I learned to understand and control my systems, to better apply correct information to the wheel of life.
I truly believe the gifts we have are just that, gifts, to do with as we will, but I found that the gifts got bigger, and better, the more I sought out creator. I recommend seeking her. But first, never lie, never steal, never do apathy. It took about three years of applying this before I got results. I rather think it took so long because that's how long it took to work off the negative quantum states I had set up for myself by my actions. Physics applies to right and wrong as well as matter, for thought and emotions have mass, and therefore effect the world around us, wether we can see, feel, or even believe it.

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