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I don't really know where to begin. I've always had an unnatural fear of spirits, death etc. & really hate the dark. I've been to 2 physics, both have told me that I have a strong physic ability but I had never had an experience but it completely freaked me out. After that, whenever I heard of someone dying, I would have horrible dreams, restlessness and a very strong feeling that I was being watched all the time. On 2 particular occasions, there was suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths, I felt a great evil and fear all the time, I'd wake up in the middle of the night terrified, sweating and absolutely petrified to get out of my bed but I could never remember what I had dreamt about. One night I woke up completely startled and every time I closed my eyes, I felt like there was a persons face right in front of mine, it was a horrible experience. Now I don't know if I am physic and have just completely blocked it or if its just an anxiety thing.

Sometimes when I close my eyes, these faces flash in my head, ones I've never seen before and then completely random thoughts cross my mind. Like I wasn't even thinking about but they just came into my mind.

I feel fuzzy all the time, like I have a wall up in my head, I can't think straight.

But there is one other reason I think I may be. I'm with my partner a long time, and I've always just had this feeling deep down that we wouldn't be together forever, I wouldn't grow old with him. Recently I started getting images of his funeral, a car crash and cancer as well which makes me think maybe I'm just worried that something will happen to him. But its not a panicked feeling, its eerie, like its going to happen and I don't know when. I had thought to myself then that I didn't really know what he would have wanted if god forbid something did happen, for some reason in particular what songs he would want. Very strange feeling.

Then we were driving home from our friends house and he played a song in the car and he said to me this is the song I want played at my funeral. I was a bit freaked out and I just told him to stop talking silly. Then he said to me very very calmly 'I think my days are numbered, I don't think I have much time left here' I hadn't said anything to him about what I had seen so naturally I was completely freaked out. He just said I know there is something wrong with me. We went through the motions, go to the doc etc. Everything will be fine.

I know I've just written down a load of random information but I just have this odd feeling about myself, like there is something there behind the surface. I don't know if its all in my head or I'm going nuts! But I just wanted to put it out there to see if anyone had any advice of information, or if they could tell me its all just a coincidence! I'm very confused and don't really know what to think. Thanks

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NaturalScience (229 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-03)
sorry for my misunderstanding but for others who happen to read what I wrote perhaps it is helpful. There are many people who use that "you-are-mental" thing to silence others or to harass them.
confused123 (2 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-30)
Sorry my apologies, you must have misunderstood. I have never told my boyfriend about what I thought/saw. When he told me how he felt about himself i.e 'my days are numbered', he said he wanted to go to the doc to get checked out cause he just didn't feel 'right' and I agreed he should if he felt like that & it wouldn't do any harm. He has no idea about what is going on with me. So I'm just afraid now that something is wrong with him/something will happen to him
NaturalScience (229 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-29)
So your guy too feels his days counted but if YOU say you feel it he thinks you gotta go to a doc? Good logic, eh 🤔! I suppose you are insecure and think it could all be just coincidence because he came to you with this absurd proposition. He scared you with the idea you could be mental. I'm sure he was not the first to do that. Don't believe those who call you mental. You have premonitions, as it is said to be quite common with the Irish and other purely Celtic tribes. To-day's materialistic ideology lumps this together with mental disease, quite wrongly. This, in fact, is just a way to keep the lot of sensitive and psychic people under control by fear. Even those really near and dear are no longer to be trusted, for a psychic, with this scheme of thought prevailing. Let's hope for a change!
As to the night-terror, pray for the souls of the dead the way your catholic education told you. I think if you pray for the "Poor Souls" every night before retiring, you will start to remember the dreams that scare you, in order to become able to understand them. Then you will perhaps even know for WHOM you prayed, or to say it better, which deceased relative (s) come to you in those dreams maybe for help maybe just for "fun".
If this does not help you on and/or your guy insists on go-to-some-doc trick him out and help yourself best by seeing a doc who has the special skill to be a Classical Homoeopathist. Such a doc, firstly, will not put you under psychodrugs; secondly, he/she will believe you instead of interpreting away what does not fit into modern Materialism; thirdly, he/she will support everything that optimizes your health and help you ward off unnecessary medical measures, including, if needed, talking that "mental" prejudice off from your guy's brains.

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