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Drean Woman


For many years to this day I've had constant deja vu, which came from my dreams before hand and thought perhaps I was a little bit psychic. I was about eight years old when I came to this conclusion. The deja vu kept getting more and more frequent as I aged. I got so annoyed with it that I "banished" it for about a week until I started to miss it and let it come back.

Around my fifteenth or sixteenth year I started reading about shamans and power animals. The article I was reading said that in order to figure out one's power animal they must either consult with a shaman or ask one's dreams to tell them. Since I didn't know any shamans that lived close by, I thought I'd ask my dreams to show me. That night I dreamed of sharks, which the following day I looked at a list of power animals and found that a shark was in that list.

As a direct result of this, I started paying close attention to what I was dreaming of. I dreamed of various and unimportant things, like karate and flowers. Last year I had asked my dreams once again who my dream woman would be and my dreams were plagued with two women; a blonde and a brunette I had never seen in my life, but looked very familiar at the same time. The blonde was the more persistent one and popped up randomly whereas the brunette was the more relaxed one and came whenever she pleased.

It wasn't until my best friend suggested that I would be better off with a brunette versus a blonde, so I started dreaming more about that brunette woman. Once again, the persistent blonde kept showing up. The dream that scared me the most was when I was forced to choose one or the other or else the world was going to end. As silly as it was, I couldn't choose, so I chose both of them. I didn't see the conclusion of this dream due to alarm going off.

Then, about four months ago, I was dreaming of a tall, brunette woman standing by my side as we met my parents at a restaurant. Also in the dream with me was that blonde woman. She tried running me over with an SUV in the street.

What really struck me was that I thought I knew this brunette woman come to find out she really was real. At first I thought JWoww from Jersey Shore, because they looked sort of alike. That wasn't the case. The dream woman I was dreaming of would be my current girlfriend. It was by fluke accident that we met online and when she showed me a photo of herself, I knew right then and there that she was the brunette woman from my dreams. This brings about another question. Who is the blonde woman?

That's my story. I don't think I am psychic. I just thought it was weird that I dreamed of the woman I could possibly spend the rest of my life with.

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