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My Dreams Predict My Future


I've been having dreams ever since I can remember and it takes a few years or sometimes a few months and then they come true. Not all of my dreams come true, but the ones that I have at least 3 times in my life do. I don't understand why and recently I had a dream that I would be murdered by an intruder in my home in the daytime and my son told me last night that he is scared someone will break into our home. It terrifies me and I don't know what to do.

I have had dreams about this house before, not anything elaborate, just short segments of moments in time such as me walking over a stick in the yard or driving or picking up a certain item. My dreams always revolve around me and my future, no one else's.

I've had other dreams come true, about insignificant things like making a sandwich or something and I always get bouts of deja vu.

I want to know if I can predict my future and if I can I want to know how to control it because like I said before I have some dreams that have not come true yet such as 2 girls standing on the stairs telling me their dad said to hurry up because we were going to be late. I thought that this would come to be sometime in the future with my twins; however, one passed away and I have since had my tubes tied. Also the twins were born with Rett Syndrome and can't walk. I have also had dreams about me walking down the street at my grandmother's house under a tree and fire balls falling from the sky.

I don't know what any of this means but I would love some true assistance on this.

On a side note, I have also had paranormal experiences. I have not seen any ghosts/spirits/religious figures, etc. Since I was in my teens but I think that I can still feel the presence.

I have seen the Virgin Mary as a child as she helped me to fight a paralyzing demon. I have seen a witch at our old house and currently I can just feel the presence of beings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated on helping me understand and control what is going on, because for years I have been terrified and tried really hard to block it all out.

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say-say12321 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2013-11-22)
I have moved multiple times during my life, and when I was six I had a fully detailed dream of me playing an iPod that I had never seen before, and on an app I'd never seen before, while laying on a black leather couch that I had at that time too. Years later, I had COMPLETELY forgotten about it, then it happened. And I remembered. Thats how it always happens. It used to happen maybe once a week, then once a day, now once a month. I'm starting to decipher small parts of my dreams currently, and I have gotten the number 17. Does that have a meaning? Haven't figured anything out. Normally, I don't remember the dreams until they happen. Like, the next morning id someone asked me I wouldn't be able to answer unless I had JUST woke up.
Tuttle (2 posts)
8 years ago (2013-07-02)
It's been happening to me for as long as I can remember. Tonight it happened again, I choose to do different then how it happened from what I remember in my dream. It was half a year ago when I had this one but I've dreamt recently my husband left me. For some reason when I had the " flashback" or whatever the hell it is I decided I needed to change it to change my future... I couldn't tell you what have me the gut instinct but ill do whatever to save my marriage. I don't know if this helps. Your did for me a little though
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
10 years ago (2010-10-19)
This is a tricky issue - precognition. I'm not entirely sure how to answer your question. However, I can give you my experiences.

I dream the future as well. However, the dream usually doesn't come true from at least 2-5 years after the dream That being said, for the past 3 years everyday something has happened that I have already dreamt before. Usually in my dreams, I experience the reality from someone else's point of view. It's as if I completely disappear and 'become' someone else. This has always been very confusing for me. It still is confusing. Because the dreams take so long to come true, I usually go through a period of high anticipation, then when nothing happens, I give up on the dream. As soon as I give up, bam the dream happens.

Now, this is the pattern I've noticed so far with my dreams. I don't believe I have precognitive dreams about myself. I believe a person can (anything is possible). However, I don't think I do. Rather, I've noticed that any time I get precognitive information about myself it is because I'm dreaming someone else's future and I show up in the situation. It's weird and it is difficult to explain.

I also want to explain that not every dream I have is precognitive. I've gotten to where I can usually recognize a precognitive dream right after I've had the dream. However, sometimes I am wrong. In addition, in my precognitive dreams, I usually only see a portion of the events unfolding. When the situation really happens, I usually realize additional information that I wasn't aware of in the dream. I'm not sure why that happens.

Thus, I want to pose to you the following questions: Are you sure the dream about home invasion was about you and not someone else? Are you sure this is a precognitive dream?

In addition, if you feel the dream is about you, then it is possible to change the future if you pay attention to the details.

I hope someone else can give you better advice. Good luck.

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