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Every since I was pregnant with my son I see dead people. My son was the first person that I saw. I had a dream of this baby about 4 months old waving to me. When I gave birth that was the baby that I saw. My son started this gift of mine.

Now I see dead people like my parents, grand parents or people that I do not know that come to me for help for they are lost. Lately I have this person that comes to me and no family member and tells me stuff and it comes true. This person told me that my husband was going to lose his job, and that he had two knives in his back but that something good was going to happen on Oct 25th. Well three weeks later my husband was let go and he has a job interview on the 25th. This person is a man wearing a pinstripe suit with a hat with a brim and you can not see his face. He told me to take him seriously.

Today when he came he was wearing a white hat and told me that my husband would have two job offers and to be careful in choosing which one. To look at the offer carefully. I've had people talk to me or write words in front of my face. Like one time my daughter was going for a breast biopsy and the words NO CANCER were written in big bold letters in front of my face.

I also walk down the street and see people and I know that they are sick and that they are going to die from something.

Can anyone help me. Am I nuts, what is happening to me.

Thank you for your help.

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light20 (34 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-27)
all is great.:) thousands of people do this and much more.:) contact me (see my profile) if you want to chat. May this day be the happiest yet.:) ❤

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