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I Think I Can Tell The Future


I had my first "bad feeling" the day my brother and sister passed away which was about 12 years ago. That day I knew something was wrong. Something inside me told me so and I remember my heart racing, feeling sick to my stomach and having a severe headache. About an hour later I found out that they did pass away. I have had these so called bad feelings every since then. There were times where these feelings would hit me late at night keeping me up all night. First thing the next morning I would get a phone call. I always know when something bad was going to happen because I would feel the same way I did when this all started. And sure enough something bad happened. I have come to know that I can only tell if it's someone close to me. I can never tell what's going to happen or who it's going to happen to. I don't know if I'm going crazy here or if I really have a gift. If so I would like to be able to control it better and be able to get more information to what is actually going to happen. I also have these extremely vivid dreams. It's like I'm in someone else's body, looking through their eyes. In these dreams, I'm at places I've never been before and seeing people that I don't know. And looking at things that are happening there and wondering if these horrid things are really in my head or is it what is really in store for us.

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Lyra (5 stories) (47 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-02)
I've had a few similar experiences where I know something horrible will happen in a certain time period. Its usually like a warning, there's nothing I can really do about it.

You definitely have a deep intuition which is something you should carry throughout your lifetime as it will be extremely beneficial to you.

I wish you luck.
light20 (34 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-30)

Things you see in your head can be telepathized by pathological earthling earthbound consciousnesses.

Many astral realms are filled with fearful entities who are of very low IQ and have very undeveloped astral 'brains'.

We often tune into whatever is around - and can pick up negative thought forms from these low former human entities.

In the astral worlds they have cults too, so these former humans shapeshift into all kinds of 'beings' - for the purpose of feeling good and almighty - in spreading their 'negative prophecies'.

Future is not set, it is flexible. It is true though, that earthlings have centuries before any kind of civilization will emerge, so many 'seemingly bad' things will have to happen as the planet matures.:) children learn by mistakes.:)

So, while some things will happen, it doesn't have to be that way. To get to the destination we can make 200 or 20000 mistakes.:) it's a collective choice.

I guess in 1000 years we'll know where we are. Lol

If you see negative visions, they are often warnings only [given to humanity] and you can act to prevent such outcomes through connecting with infinite possibilities of infinite intelligence.

violetstory (3 stories) (68 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-28)
You have a beautiful ability which you can learn to control and become stronger. It often begins that we sense bad things may happen to those who are close to us, those we love but by practicing meditation and strengthening our skills we can direct this energy towards anyone or anything we choose. You see you will also be able to see the good things that will happen ❤ This may be how your abilities started but are not the only things that are in the future for us. I would also like you to open yourself to the possibility that what you dream may be happening in the present moment or even in the past. If you truly want to begin strengthening this abilities of yours and find put more about them I recommend you get this book

If you have anymore questions or anything just reply here or contact me by email; its on my profile:) ❤

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