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I'm Being Watched, By A Shadow


When I was thirteen, my mum asked me if I could take the shopping to my nans house. Her house is stuck into mine, I walked passed the shed by my nans house then my dog started to bark viciously, he stood by the shed's door looking up. All the sudden I felt this horrible rush going up my back I felt cold and the back of my head started to ake really bad. I walked towards the shed to see what was going on, I curiously opened the door, I saw a dark tall man, he was old and he stood there staring at me, I heard my name heavy pronounced repeatedly as I ran into my house. The last past months after that, this strange shadow kept showing up, I saw it everywhere.

One night I was walking home, it was about a year after. After I got halfway up the road by my house, this shadow stood right in front of me. It was grey and bold, It had it's arm around it's waist, and it kept looking down. I felt as I was being pushed away from it I tried to run but it didn't let me I kept changing temperature, one second I was dripping in sweat, then I got so cold I couldn't move. I passed this gate and all the sudden it was gone... Every time now I see this shadow, it haunts me. I feel like I'm watched, and there's two certain places in my house I feel the shadow coming stronger, the end of my hallway and by the door in the kitchen.

Anyway, yesterday I was with my boyfriend in his friends house, he has a girlfriend so I started chatting to her as they were in the other room. I'm honestly saying I had never seen her before in my life, I've never talked to her before last night. This subject popped up in a conversation, I told her that I always felt like I was being watched by this strange shadow. She replayed

"Do not freak out on me now please Elen, I don't know what it is, but when you walked into this room it was like someone else was left to come" I looked at her weirdly but also interested. I asked her what do you mean? She told me "There's a relative, a Grandfather or a Aunt looking at you everyday, they never leave your site." I panicked, how would she know about who has passed away in my family? She doesn't know me. "carry on" I asked her. She told me that there only sticking around for a short period, until I gain happiness in my life. She said that a word of me being "irresponsible" so what ever I was going to do she told me Not to do it, she pronounced me not to. Was repeating in her mind. I ignored her theory of being psychic... I went home, I didn't arrive until 2.30 in the morning. My mum started shouting at me and she locked me out for 10 minutes so I would cool down. Then I walked off, not even thinking about anything, the shadow appeared again but this time it was playing in my mind. My mind was saying no to me, pain was in my body. Like it was hurting me for not listening. Anyway, to get to the end of this story, I got home the next morning. Only thing my mum told me was "Your irresponsible, you should learn to listen" what is this, it's like everyone knows everything about me, and I don't! What are these shadows? Please help I have had enough...

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violetstory (3 stories) (68 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-02)
Okay there are couple of things going on here. One if this is a relative, hes trying influence your choices because he perceives you to be irresponsible. Also he was influencing your mother, this is why she replied with the same words as the girl. What I suggest you do is to begin to step back and try and see what is going on, yes you are being criticized but there is something that you are obviously trying to be warned about and if you get to emotionally involved in this you will miss the point of this. Maybe try looking at the situation from a neutral perspective. A good idea is to focus on your "third eye" or your sixth chakra. This will enable you to look at the situation removed from any emotionally driven influences. Also I suggest cleansing your home. Imagine a white light in the center of your home and allow it to begin to get gradually bigger and bigger. As it gets bigger, imagine you are taking back ownership of your house. This is your space and allows it to cleanse your home with love, peace, and happiness. ❤

If you need further help, just email me or reply here.:) My email address is on my profile and I don't mind helping ❤
Kurokitten (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-02)
When I was younger a baby-toddler I was watched by a shodow person except for some odd reason I get the creepy feeling it wasn't anything human. I don't think it ever was human either. -_-'

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