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Mixed Messages, Is It Evil Or Just Noisy?


I have two things I need help with. Since September 2007 at age 14 I started to recognize I could sense how someone is feeling. But my strongest aspect was identifying the truth from lies when being told something by a friend or random kid from school. I confirmed my abilities while talking about "Deja vu" with my mom. She said my grandmother experienced the same type of dreams here and there, and said it's ESP. I do think I inherited ESP but is still developing. I believe I have the start of other abilities but I'm not sure. I can pick up on spiritual energy around me, and look in the direction I feel it at but can't tell if it's good or bad. I know that everyone differs, but any tips to be more sensitive to a presence would be a good help.

The house I have been living in for 2 years has two spirits that I've sensed and had multiple experiences with. I need help to identify if both or one of the known are angry spirits. I simply can't single out either one's noises/actions because my sensory abilities haven't gotten that far.

The house had two previous families own it. Built in 1928, first owners passed the house down to their children and moved out after the mom passed away. The second family moved in 2002, moved out 2006 and didn't keep the house looking nice. The house was empty until January 2009 when my family moved in. (before purchase) there was st brigids cross above front door inside, 2 of 3 bedroom had crosses, and the finished attic had rosary necklace made of wood. All were still hanging up because the house was vacant and foreclosed.

I am aware that old houses have drafts, they creak, sound outside and inside the house can be heard all over. I've gone through all possibilities with my experiences living here. I was taking a shower when it sounded like the bathroom door opened and slammed (BOOM). A gust of cold air came through and moved the shower curtain. It's not possible, I was alone on the second floor and the door can only be un/locked from inside the bathroom. There is not a window open, or any drafts to cause that.

The house was calm for a while. My family and I have heard occasional bangs in the floor/walls and played it off as an old house. Then it would start to bang 3-5 times after we started to think there might be something here.

A year later it would just bang more frequently. 7-8 months ago is when it took it to the next level. It wouldn't scare me at all it just startled me here and there when I least expected banging. I was in the shower when I heard foot steps in the attic above the bathroom, no one in the attic and by myself on the second floor.

Aprox 2 weeks after the foot steps, I was the last one to fall asleep this one night. I was sleeping on the couch at the time. When I had just closed my eyes two minutes later 5 hard bangs on the floor 10 feet from me. The pipes don't make such a noise in the basement.

I didn't sense anything for a couple weeks or so. By this time I've learned to control any signs I show of being startled pretty well. I had seen an orange orb pulsing in the reflection of the tv screen in the attic (finished hang out room) with my sister who also saw it. I just caught a glimpse of it before it disappeared. The orange orb was next to me and was the size of a golf ball with its aroura. There isn't anything orange in the room either.

Within the same week I caught an apparition out of the corner my eye walk past a bedroom doorway into the master bedroom. It disappeared when the doorway blocked my view. When I looked over I knew it wasn't mind tricks because the apparition was grayish hue cloud, and I saw energy waves moving all over it. After it passed I felt a slight cool draft.

I have no idea why so much was going on so soon. It had done three final things for my attention (who ever this is)... Again, I was going to bed last (everyone else asleep) but I was still awake with my eyes open laying down. I felt something was glaring at me and I couldn't see anyone. I was correct though. It confirmed my senses by exhaling twice, few feet from me (no inhale). It sounded like an evil exhale. I'm not 100% positive it was evil, I never had anything like that happen. I didn't show physical signs of being scared. Which is insane because I wouldn't think of a spirit in my home, letting me know it's there in that manner.

These are the last two major things that I myself experienced a month ago. Same situation, I was going to bed, just closed my eyes when two minutes later I heard a whistle from across the living room in the den. It was a whistle done by mouth, up in pitch then lower pitch, as if you were to get a dogs' attention. It whistled three times, 30-45 seconds apart. Each time I would lift my head and look but saw nothing.

I have a nintendo WII hooked up in the living room. I had this random urge the same exact night to look over at it. As soon as I looked at it, it turned itself on. I didn't take it seriously because gaming systems have flaws, errors can do that. Even though it hasn't done it a second time. This one and the previous paragraph, both happened in one night when it was a full moon.

Oddly, things have been calm and I haven't felt any spirits. But it could be a trick. This comes and goes. It could be a week to a month with no banging.

I only posted my abilities and experiences on this site vs ghost story site, because I feel more experienced people will know from their own experience, or knowledge what this might be in my house. The necklace and crosses still hang to watch over each room.

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